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I teach chief family cooks to declutter, organise & simplify the kitchen & cooking to make creating healthy, delicious family-friendly food enjoyable & stress-free.

(even if you have little ones hanging off your ankles)

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More than just a recipe collection. . .

I'm here to help make your life happier and healthier. 

  • "What's for dinner" drama?

    Is dinner time a completely crazy time in your house? Let me help you make it a little less stressful.  Download your free saving dinner ebook then hit up my dinner recipes here . . .

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  • Once - a - month shopping

    I’m not a huge fan of grocery shopping (especially with the kids) I try to shop once-a-month to keep the budget and stress levels under control.  Here’s how I do it . . .

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  • Keep the freezer stocked

    Having a well-stocked kitchen is one of the best things you can do to keep your kitchen life happy and healthy.  My freezer is always jam-packed and pretty well-organized. Here’s what I have . . .

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  • My favourite appliance

    I must admit, I have quite a few appliances (yes I am a Thermomix owner / addict) but my very favourite is the slow-cooker that’s why I created a FREE slow cooker eBook . . .

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  • Kitchen Budget

    When it comes to saving money, I can be a little on the stingey side, but my tricks really work.  Here are my top 10 tips to save money in the kitchen . . .

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  • Healthy Kids

    One of the most important things, actually THE most important thing to me is my childrens’ health.  THat’s why I feed them the best possible food I can . . .

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  • Bread Mistakes

    Tried to make your own bread but made a doorstep instead?  Get my free guide to the most common bread-baking mistakes & how to fix them . . .

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  • Saving dinner

    Don’t forget to get your free Saving Dinner eBook where I share all my tips & tricks for a stress-free & delicious dinner (and my favourite easy, healthy recipes). . .

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What my readers say . . . 

Thousands of readers are happy they stuck with me and my craziness to help reduce theirs. . . 

"Claire has created some fantastic hints and tips for the kitchen and reminded me that there are lots of things i can do to make my life easier and my food more nutritious!"


"Claire has a sensible and organised approach to handling the issues of meals and maintaining family healthy eating habits.  The recipes she posts are easy to follow and provide variety.  Rather than a huge overload of internet/magazine/recipe book recipes I might do a 'Claire and Jill' a la 'Julie and Julia' and just follow Claire for a year!!"


"Claire provided some really useful tips on how to be organised in the kitchen and provide nutritious meals for my family. Thanks Claire!"


"Claire presents her information in a charming informal way and she has a great deal of useful information to impart." 

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