Easter cupcake ideas – decorating inspiration to make your Easter dessert cupcakes adorable (even if you don’t have cake-decorating skills).

Easter cupcake ideas - simple decorating ideas for Easter cupcakes

Easter cupcake ideas

I love decorating cupcakes. It’s something I used to do all the time until 1 kid became 2 became 3 and that endless time to tinker disappeared.

But give me a celebration – hello excuse for cupcake decorating and here I’m going to share some Easter cupcake idea.

I have a rather vivid, almost child-like imagination.

Not quite Alice down the rabbit hole extreme but I like to think I know how to dream.

I’m always thinking of new ways to decorate, different organising tricks, recipes, cake decorations, places I want to go, things I want to do… oops lost in a little dream there.

I’m sure you get the point.

Here are some Easter cupcake ideas that even kids can do (yes some of my creations look like a child did do them!).

Cupcake recipe for Easter cupcakes

A simple vanilla cupcake is the best for decorating.

This one is THE best. It’s quick, easy and so fluffy. Plus it stays fresh for days.

Unfortunately, the cross over from my imagination to reality sometimes results in a little bit of idea deterioration.

I think it’s the giant shiny eyes that make him a little bit creepy.

This slightly possessed looking bunny cupcake was a victim but combine him with a few other Easter treats and he doesn’t look quite so scary.

If you’re looking for a little less of a sugar high but still want to get in the Easter spirit – check out our Easter crafts for kids.

Which icing is best for cupcake decorating?

When decorating Easter cupcakes, you want an icing that will let the decorations stick. Fondant is not your friend here if you’re after simplicity.

We recommend:

To make the crazy bunny cupcakes you will need

  • white and pink mini marshmallows
  • pink food colouring
  • coconut
  • icing sugar and water
  • cupcakes

How to make the crazy bunny cupcakes

I made the icing my mixing icing sugar until it was nice and thick. You could also use buttercream icing.

It’s best to work with one cupcake at a time because the icing sets pretty quickly.

To top them in coconut, dip the top of the cupcake in a bowl of coconut straight after icing.

I made the ears by cutting a marshmallow in half and dipping the cut side in a little bit of watered down pink food colouring.

Then I pinched the ends in a little bit to give them the ear shape.

His nose is a pink marshmallow that I snipped to make into a triangle.

Tiny chick cupcake

Little Mr Chicken looks slightly less scary than Mr Bunny.

I died the coconut yellow before dipping this cupcake in it.

To make the beak, I snipped up a white marshmallow and then dipped it in yellow food colouring.

Don’t leave it in the coloring.

Marshmallows don’t really like getting wet – they tend to dissolve.

How to colour coconut

To colour coconut, pop the coconut in a ziplock back with a few drops of food colouring.

Zip it up and shake it around until the colour is even. You may need to add a little extra colour but best to start with just a couple of drops.

Easter cupcake ideas - simple decorating ideas for Easter cupcakes - Easter basket cupcakes

Birds nest Easter cupcakes

You will need:

  • Flake chocolate – you can also use broken hollow Easter eggs.
  • Birds egg Easter eggs – the ones with the candy coating.

Ice the cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream then stick on the Flakes and eggs.

Easter cupcakes

Flower cupcake

You will need:

  • Mini marshmallows (or big if you’re making full-size cupcakes)
  • M&Ms or Smarties

To make the flower cupcake, snip marshmallows in half and then pinch in the ends to make a petal shape.

Place one M&M in the middle then arrange the petals around it to make a flower.

The rest of them I sort of just made up as inspiration struck.

All together on a plate they looked pretty cute if I don’t say so myself.

What about you? What have you made for Easter?

Easter cupcake ideas - simple decorating ideas for Easter cupcakes

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