Looking for an alternative treatment for tonsilitis? I’m sharing how to help heal tonsilitis naturally with a few home remedies.

How to help heal tonsilitis naturally

How to help heal tonsilitis naturally - natural treatment and remedies

Listen to this week’s episode of the podcast and you’ll hear a little lesson I got from the emergency room in July. Every sort of illness is our body talking to us.

It’s how it communicates. Illness is a message from our bodies to slow down, take a rest and maybe make some changes. 

In my early years

When I was younger I used to get tonsillitis a fair bit. I’d get run down, I’d get sick, I’d get tonsillitis so bad I was on hard-core pain killers and antibiotics and could barely swallow.

A few years ago

I didn’t get it for years then the year before last I was struck again. I was pretty sick but not too bad. Then I got it again last year.

This time we were about to leave for an overseas holiday. 

Of course I did what I always did back then. It was too late for the doctor so I went straight to the pharmacy and got them to hit me with everything they had.

I was so sick. When we landed in Hong Kong I felt like death and the next day even worse.

We paid some exorbitant amount to have a doctor visit the hotel room and I kid you not he pulled out a big box full of little plastic zip lock bags.

‘You’re nauseous – ok here’s a pill for that.’

‘Sore throat – pill for that.’

I ended up with 5 different pills of which I took a grand total of zero. I was already on antibiotics so I gave them a chance to kick in. 

Last year I got it again another two times along with a hit of nasty flu. I was totally bedridden for days 3 times!

Last year (after introducing natural remedies)

This year, I’ve had tonsillitis twice. Well the first time it actually didn’t progress past red swollen tonsils.

Just last week though, it hit me hard. I’m not going to go into details but it was pretty bad.

But instead of going to the doctor, I listened to my body, used my oils and other natural remedies and you know what, in 3 days I was back to normal.

It’s the first time I’ve 100% trusted in natural medicine and my own body to heal and heal it did. So what did I do to help heal tonsilitis naturally?

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy like popping a pill twice a day and getting on with my life but I came out the other end with a healthy gut and a stronger body. I’ve linked to sources of information for the remedies if you’re interested in why I chose them. 

How to help heal tonsillitis naturally

Flu Bomb Roller

A made up a ‘flu bomb’ essential oil roller with On Guard, Oregano, Lemon, Rosemary & Frankincense and I rolled it over my glands, spine and feet as often as I could remember at least every 15 minutes. I did this for abou 48h.

Natural antibiotic

I filled a veggie cap (empty capsule) with 3 drops of pure Oregano Oil and 3 drops of On Guard and topped it up with fractionated coconut oil. I took one morning and night for 4 days. 

Colloidal Silver

I used a colloidal silver spray on my throat every 15 minutes (whenever I did the roller).


I drank so very much water. I’m talking 5ish litres a day. I needed to flush that bad boy out.

Vitamin C

A really good quality, bioavailable (meaning your body will actually recognise it and absorb it not just wee it out) Vitamin C and a lot of it.

I’m not going to make any recommendation on how much to take. You should speak with a qualified naturopath for that one.


I listened to my body. I mean really listened. I didn’t feel hungry for about half a day, so I didn’t eat. Sometimes our bodies don’t want any extra work when they’re fighting a bug and eating, well that creates extra work with digestion etc.

When I did eat I kept it really simple and nutritious. Nothing raw though that my body would have to work hard to digest.

I stuck with it through the sickness and for the day afterwards. Like conventional antibiotics, you should continue with the treatment for a day or so after symptoms stop just to make sure you’ve got everything out of your system.

On Essential Oils

I use doTERRA essential oils because they are 100% pure and every single batch is tested to ensure this.

I would not be ingesting them if there was any doubt on their purity. While essential oils are all natural, they are still very potent.

I always advise doing your own research before ingesting or using essential oils. I am not claiming this as a cure for tonsillitis nor recommending it simply sharing my experience. 

If you are interested in finding out more or sampling some oils, please feel free to email me claire@clairekcreations.com

How I treated tonsillitis naturally How I treated tonsillitis naturally