DIY all purpose cleaning spray will give you a sparkling clean home without the chemicals. It’s an all natural cleaner and takes less than one minute to make.

All purpose cleaning spray in amber glass bottle

All purpose cleaning spray

I started with homemade cleaning products, long before I knew anything about the dangers of a lot of the chemicals found in regular supermarket cleaning products.

Originally, I did it to save money on cleaning products because even buying the cheapo stuff, by the time you bought all the different cleaners for all the different purposes (I’ll give you a little spoiler alert – you don’t need them!), it added up every month.

Now, I make my own not only to save money but to reduce the number of chemicals in our home.

If you’re interested in learning more about top chemicals to avoid in products at the supermarket then listen to this episode of The Natural Life Academy podcast.

Why make your own all-purpose cleaning spray

Reduce toxins

There’s a reason that you might get a headache when you clean your shower – fragrance.

Artificial fragrance is basically a code for ‘chemical concoction.’ 95% of the chemicals that make up fragrance are petro-chemicals which means they were derived from petroleum.

They have been linked to everything from headaches to skin irritations, allergies and other more serious conditions and are something I actively avoid.

I use 100% pure essential oils in all my homemade cleaning products. Find out more about essential oils here.

Now let’s remember that we don’t have to swallow something for it to make its way into our bodies.

We can inhale the fumes or absorb it through our skin – which is actually worse because as least our digestive system has a filtration system that allows it to somewhat process toxins.

Our skin and respiratory systems don’t work like this and the toxins can go straight into our bloodstreams.

The other thing a lot of cleaning products have in them is antibacterial components that actually kill the good bacteria that we need as well as the bad bacteria. We need a healthy balance of bacteria in order to be healthy.

Save money

Take a walk down the cleaning aisle of your local supermarket and the first thing you’ll notice is… well it’s an entire aisle. Just to clean your bathroom you’re told you’ll need at least 6 or 7 different products and that’s just not true.

All-purpose cleaning spray can be used on all surfaces, the stove, the toilet, the shower, even glass, replacing so many products and saving you a lot of money.

Save time

It’s quicker to clean your house when you don’t have to keep swapping products but it’s also a lot more convenient to whip up another batch of homemade cleaning spray than run out to the supermarket.

It literally takes less than one minute to make.

All purpose cleaning spray in amber glass bottle

Save waste

Refilling your one spray bottle (I actually have 3 so I can keep one in the cleaning kit, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen but they’re all the same), means a lot fewer plastic spray bottles and cleaning product containers being sent off to landfill along with saving all the resources that would have been needed to make the bottle in the first place.

Help the environment

Yes you’re saving on waste which is great for the environment but you’re also saving all those toxic chemicals from going down the drain and into our waterways.

So if that’s reason enough for you then you will find the recipe below along with a little video to show you just how quick and easy it really is.

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All purpose cleaning spray in amber glass bottle

All purpose cleaning spray

Prep Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 1 minute


  • Distilled or filtered water
  • White vinegar (1tbsp per 500ml)
  • Castile soap or DōTERRA On Guard cleaner concentrate (10ml per 100ml)
  • Pure Essential oils (5-10 drops per 100ml)
  • Amber glass or stainless steel spray bottle


  1. Add white vinegar, castile soap and essential oils to the bottle.
  2. Top up with water.
  3. Put the lid on.
  4. Give it a bit of a shake before using.

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