Roast chicken in the slow cooker

This isn’t so much a recipe as a bit of a this-is-what-I-did-feel-free-to-ignore-me-or-no. I was having my friend LD over to lunch on a Friday and brainstorming what to serve. For some reason, when I’m crazy busy and really don’t have a spare second my weird brain thinks it’s a great time to get creative and try something I’ve never done before.

Yes it can be a recipe for disaster. My meat ‘experiments’ can be pretty expensive failures now that I’ve switched to organic meat but my roast chicken in the slow cooker was, thankfully, far from a disaster.

Roast chicken in the slow cooker

Ok it was nearly a disaster when I read somewhere that the thermometer you stab into its thigh when you think it’s cooked is meant to read 120C. I think I might have made it up. Let’s just say when I thought she was done and LD was going to arrive in about 30 minutes, I had a small panic attack when I saw the temperature was just 76C.

I quickly turned on the oven and gently transfered the luscious lady to an oven dish and straight into the oven. Then I went and double checked with Mr Google and good thing I did because 75C is considered perfect. Phew. I switched the oven over to grill to give the chook a golden glow and we were good to go.

IMG_6248Roast chicken in the slow cooker

I didn’t get fancy with a recipe or anything like that although I’m kind of wishing I’d done as Charlie did and spiced it up a bit. To be honest I tried to stuff some garlic and rosemary under the skin but it kept ripping. I perhaps need to work on my chicken prepping skills.

Instead I lathered it up in olive oil and seared it in the pan until I could smell that wonderful chicken smell. Then, rather awkwardly, with a few curse words thrown in every time I touched the sides of the dish, I manoeuvred the chicken on top of the roasting rack that came with my slow cooker.

She got another little shower of olive oil and a sprinkling of salt and I shoved about 6 garlic cloves and 4 rosemary sprigs into the cavity then spread another few of each on top. In the end I think it looked a little Julius Caesar like. Agree?

Roast chicken in the slow cooker

Two hours on high and another three on low and she was done. Well almost done. I popped it under the grill for a few minutes just to brown up the skin (ok yes she was already in the oven from my misinterpretation). The meat was so meltingly soft, it pretty much fell apart when I was transferring it to the serving tray. Just to go all out, I roasted up some potato and sweet potato and served them with the chicken along with some honey-coated baby carrots. Enjoy!

What about you? Do you go for quick and simple when you’re in a hurry or does your brain decide it’s a good time to try new things like mine?

Roast chicken in the slow cooker