If you’re looking for healthy but indulgent Easter recipes for this year’s celebration then look no further than my 10 not-too-naughty Easter recipes.

10 healthy but indulgent easter recipes

10 Healthy but indulgent Easter recipes

Ahh Easter.

Growing up it was the one day of the year where we were allowed to eat chocolate before breakfast.

Well really, the one day of the year we were allowed chocolate before midday.

Easter is traditionally a time of indulgence with hot cross buns and pretty much all the chocolate you can eat, but it doesn’t have to be too naughty, so I’ve put together 10 healthy but indulgent Easter recipes.

You might want to try blueberry muffins with a healthy twist.

Healthy and delicious Easter recipes

Now don’t get me wrong. When I say healthy I don’t mean that you should eat these instead of your fruit and vege for the day, they’re not that good, but in the majority, they’re made from whole food ingredients and are low in refined sugar.

They’re two of my must-haves for nutritious baking. Some of them even have hidden veggies which is definitely a winner with me and getting the good stuff into my kids.

Indulgent and healthy Easter recipes

10 Easter recipes that won’t leave you in a sugar coma

1.Naturally Sweetened Rice Krispies Treats

These naturally sweetened rice krispie treats from Dessert for Two I’d probably make minus the sprinkles – maybe some naturally coloured shredded coconut on top instead?

2.Vegan Carrot Cake Truflles

I told you there was hidden vege. Carrot cake truffles from Cinnamon and Coriander might not please the Easter bunny but they look delicious to me.

3. Paleo Peeps (Paleo Marshmallows): Raspberry + Toasted Coconut Lemon

It’s not really Easter without something cutesie. I think I’d make these marshmallows from 40 Aprons in the shape of little bunny rabbits.

4. Healthy No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Nest Cookies

Ok so these biscuits from Joy Food Sunshine are topped with Easter eggs but the base is no bake and made of peanut butter so it wins a lot of points. You could top it with dates if you’re really anti-Easter eggs.

Indulgent and healthy easter recipes

5. Raw Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting

Another one with not-so-hidden vege, these raw carrot cakes from Green Evi would make a pretty cute addition to an Easter dessert platter.

6. Jelly Easter Eggs (refined sugar free)

I couldn’t not include my own jelly Easter eggs from Claire K Creations in a round up of not-so-naughty Easter treats now could I? They can be made from all sorts of juice so you could sneak some vege into these too.

7. Paleo Easter Egg Cookies

Again, these Paleo biscuits from Little Bites of Beauty are adulterated a little bit with the cachous added to the top but you could just decorate them with icing or some shredded coconut or nuts.

Easy to make, healthy and indulgent easter recipes

8. Healthy Chocolate Easter Eggs

I don’t think I can ever go past raw chocolate Easter eggs from Claire K Creations. This was the first Easter recipe I made for my oldest son (there’s a cut pic of him in the post).

He loved them the first year but once he’d had a taste of Cadbury unfortunately I couldn’t talk him back into them. I on the other hand am still addicted.

9. Healthy Granola Easter Eggs

These healthy granola eggs from Dear Crissy would be pretty adorable for Easter Breakfast or a nice little Easter active outing.

10. Paleo Coconut Cream Eggs (Vegan, Dairy-Free)

Finally, these coconut cream eggs (not to be confused with Cadbury cream eggs) from 40 Aprons are really indulgent looking but won’t leave you in a sugar coma come 2pm on Easter Sunday.

I hope this little round up has given you some ideas for your Easter festivities. Happy Easter!

Healthy and indulgent for easter

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