Me and my hubby

I promised I would share some photos from our wedding day and I am not one to break a promise. We absolutely love all our photos thanks to the wonderful Karen Buckle. We had the most amazing and perfect wedding day. Everything ran so smoothly, everyone had a ball and the best part… we became husband and wife!

Me and the girls

I woke up to my 7am alarm and checked the weather on my iPhone. It didn’t look good. A peek out the window at the pelting rain and raging surf told me we weren’t going to have our beach-front ceremony. I let myself have a little moment of disappointment then just as quickly erased the thought.

It didn’t matter what the weather was like. Nice weather would just be a bonus, as long as I got to marry my man.

I emerged from the shower to find a steaming hot cup of green tea on my bedside table thanks to my lovely bridesmaids. Upstairs I trotted in my green dress (I made us matching dresses) to be greeted by my sister, bridesmaid Kristin, mum and dad. We feasted on fabulously fresh fruit and Sarah, my other bridesmaid arrived just in time for scones.

Sarah was 8 months pregnant with twins on our wedding day. She still made the trek up the coast in the rain to be there on the day. I was so happy to have her there I cried nearly every time I looked at her. She just laughed at me. The gorgeous, healthy baby girls were born just five days later!

We had a lovely morning getting ready. My ‘big sister’ (she’s not really my sister but I call her that) Nanette did all of our hair and we all did our own makeup. Will’s only request (pretty much only) was that I did my own makeup so I looked like me.

At about midday, two of my friends’ mums arrived with platters of heart-shaped chicken sandwiches for our lunch. Aren’t they wonderful?

Getting dressed

Due to the rain and implementation of plan C for the ceremony venue, we had to go to the house to get dressed so we didn’t get wet. We’re all in mum and dad’s bedroom waiting for our time to walk down the aisle.

Welcome to our wedding

Rustic wedding signs marked the house. Our wonderful invitation designer Neisha from Creative Emporium has an equally talented partner who made our signs, table numbers, the canopy we were married under, the registry table (a gift from my parents which now sits at our front door), the blackboard and our Mr & Mrs signs. Neisha did all the writing. If you need any sort of stationary for anything at all, she is your woman!

Dad walking me down the aisle

Have you seen a happier dad before? I don’t think I have. Dad did a perfect job of walking me down the aisle and we both got there without tripping or too many tears.

Taking our vows

I felt like I was blubbering through the whole ceremony but the pictures make me look quite relaxed. I couldn’t stop smiling and neither could Will.

Signing the register

The three generations

After the ceremony it was time for family photos. I love this photo of me with mum and Guppy (my grandma). Just in case you haven’t heard me say it before, she’s 94! 94!

Me and the best dad a girl could ever have

I also love this photo of me with dad. What’s not to love about it?

With the bridesmaids and groomswomen

We had a rather unconventional wedding party. Will had his two sisters as groomswomen as well as his friend Jeremy as groomsman. It took me quite a while to come up with the idea of dressing the groomswomen in a black version of the bridesmaids dresses. All the dresses were made by an amazingly talented lady in Brisbane. There was no pattern – just a photo we found and loved.


That’s pretty much the face I had all day.

Dancing in the almost rain

The rain decided to disappear just after the ceremony leaving us with perfect weather for our photos. My dress, which I can’t find words to describe I loved it so much, was made by the wonderfully talented Brad at Darb in Brisbane. He made every moment so much fun and I looked forward to every fitting.

One of my favourites

Will and his groomsman

Don’t they look strapping?

Playing under the veil

It took mum, my grandma, the dress maker and his assistant to convince me to get a long veil and I am so glad I did. It really made the dress and was so much fun to play with!

Ceremony plan A

We might not have had our ceremony where we planned to but we did get some photos standing where we would have taken our vows. The angry sky and sea make a pretty cool background I think.

It was a little bit wet

This is how wet it was. Nearly every guest came under an umbrella. It makes a pretty cool photo though.

Scratch your table number

The table plan was a little bit unconventional. The idea was that the guests would find their name and scratch the silver panel to reveal their table numbers. I am assuming it worked because everyone found their seats. The lovely Neisha made all of these to match our invitations. The pattern is from the table runners which is what we themed most of the decorations around.

Each tag was pegged to a piece of string hung on a giant wishbone shaped piece of driftwood. Mum found the wood lying on the beach and she and dad dragged it all the way back to the house!

The reception

It doesn’t look much like a private house does it? Mum and dad have a front and back balcony that we had covered with a massive tents. The guy putting them up said they were waterproof unless there is torrential rain in which case the water might seep through.

We had torrential rain. My super-wedding-planner mother had it all sorted though and we managed to fit all 105 people inside. It didn’t matter. This was one thing that looked even better than it had in my imagination.

So pretty!

Another big thanks to all the family friends who helped out in the week before with the set up. I felt badly heading off to be pampered the day before while everyone was hard at work setting up.

With all my girlfriends

I told you the smile didn’t leave my face all night! It can’t really be helped with friends like these girls can it?!

Our first dance

We danced our first dance as husband and wife to This Will Be (an everlasting love). We took a couple of lessons in the weeks leading to the wedding so we could do more than shuffle around. I could have been in front of a million people and I would have only noticed the man in front of me.

Mr & Mrs

It was the perfect wedding and we both agreed that it was the best wedding we’d ever been to (we might be biased but we don’t care!). Now we’re just busy enjoying being an old married couple.

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