Noosa Farmers’ Markets

The Noosa Farmers Market is one of my favourite markets. I love that it’s truly local. Nearly every stallholder you speak with grew or make their produce themselves. They’re passionate and it shines in their stalls and products.

It had been way too long since my last visit so I was more than eager to go last weekend. I’m just sorry I didn’t take my granny trolley.

The website describes the markets so well I can’t put it better myself:

Nestled amongst the fragrant gum trees, every Sunday a hive of activity takes place. The Noosa Farmers Market is genuine, honest and packed with produce that makes your mouth water.

There are so many different types of stalls at the markets from fresh organic produce, freshly squeezed lime drinks, sumptuous marinades and sauces, beautiful and aromatic skin care products, nuts and seeds, olives and tasty tapenades, herbs and just caught seafood, freshly baked bread and creamy cheeses amongst a variety of exotic and yummy foods to try and great coffee to sip as you wander round.

Let me take you on a little tour.

Oh no, no more strawberries!

We were welcomed with disappointment. This was not a nice thing to see. I felt sorry for the little one left on the table. Poor little strawberry.


I’m sure that gozleme have been around for a very long time but I’ve only just noticed them since I saw them on Masterchef. They sure do look delicious. I got a little bit memorized watching the man make them on the grill. They make it look so easy I might just have to try them at home.

Giant pumpkin

This was not a mini styrofoam box. It was extra large just like the giant pumpkin sitting on top of it.


I distinctly remember seeing a big sign that said ‘no dogs allowed’ at the entrance but how could anyone not let this little guy in? Isn’t he adorable?

Sweet goodies

I could have quite easily gobbled up a whole box of these raspberry friands. The stall is full of delicious sweets. Mum bought lemon butter from this stall for the tarts she made for my bridal shower. I hate to say it but it was better than my homemade lemon butter.

The Bent Banana

I just took a photo of this stall for the name and the fact that there was not a banana to be seen… lots of pumpkin though!


The mushroom display reminded me of some sort of very scary creature with 50 eyes that lives deep under the sea. I have a rather vivid imagination.

Bum hummers

It seems I took a lot of photos of things I liked the name of. I know these are nothing new but they still made me chuckle.


There was no shortage of avos at the markets. I bought a bag of them and they were so creamy and delicious.

Brilliant orchid

Fresh food isn’t the only thing you can get at the Noosa markets. One stall sells the most amazingly beautiful orchids.


Before I started making banana bread for mum, she used to buy it from this stall. They sell a variety of delicious breads, shortbread, quiches and muesli. We snavelled the last loaf of three cheese and garlic bread and had it warm spread with basil feta.

The famous bonsai

This bonsai tree is more than 40 years old and has been featured on the cover or House and Garden magazine. They’re the most amazing little trees. My grandma has a little one that is more than 30 years old.


The Spun fairy floss stall was one of the most exciting. They sell 100 flavours (!!) of homemade all-natural fairy floss. I tried the passionfruit and took home a container of strawberry and macadmia. One tub sells for $5.

I was very interested in how they flavour the fairy floss (because I like to know everything) but Paul was very secretive about the recipe. Apparently someone opened up a business by the same name in America using the same method (karma will get them I say).

Vegan sweets

I’m not a huge fan of vegan food but the lime cheese cake I tried was heavenly. It was so smooth and creamy despite being dairy, sugar, gluten and egg-free.

Handmade halloumi

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw a handmade halloumi stall. The stall holder was no-where to be seen so I waited patiently to buy some. Unfortunately she arrived with bad news, they were sold out. I’ll have to get there earlier next time.

Ted’s tea shed

If you’ve seen Harry Potter you might understand why this reminds me  a little bit of Molly Weasly. The tea stand was so cute and eclectic and sold a lovely variety of teas and a few sweet treats.

The ‘food court’

In the center of the market you can buy a variety of cooked foods. There are tables and chairs to take a break from your shopping with a fresh pizza or plate of gyoza. Fancy something a little sweeter? Grab a crepe or freshly-sqeezed juice.

Suncoast limes

I still have a bottle of lime cordial in my fridge from my last visit to Suncoast Limes but what I didn’t have was preserved limes. Mum and I both bought a little jar of them.

Apples as far as the eye can see

The apple stall has every apple you can imagine as well as varieties of each. I started at one end where they had early season Galas. Further down the line there were late season Galas. Each box has a little bowl of sliced apple so you can try before you buy. Apparently the late season apples are sweeter because they are on the tree for longer.

My haul

Here’s my haul from the markets. I got:

  • 3 cheese and garlic bread
  • a bag of passionfruit
  • a bag of avos
  • basil pesto feta (it’s amazing!)
  • strawberry macadamia fairy floss
  • a bag of field mushrooms
  • a bag of spinach
  • late season gala apples
  • garlic confit
  • preserved limes
  • carrots
  • broccoli

A trip to the Noosa markets never disappoints!

What about you, what do you love most about farmers markets.

Noosa Farmers’ Markets

The Noosa Farmers Markets are on every Sunday at The Noosa Australian Rules Football Club on Weyba Road, Noosaville between 7am and 12pm.


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