Looking for Easter basket cake ideas? This super simple kitkat basket cake is sure to be a hit.

It’s quick & easy (you can even cheat & buy the cake & decorate it!).

Easter basket cake - super simple recipe

Easter Basket Cake

I know extra chocolate at Easter might sound a bit too much but, isn’t it the time of year you can go a little over the top?

Around here we like any excuse to have cake, especially my best ever chocolate mud cake. So years ago I took the opportunity to turn it into an Easter cake (as I said, any excuse!).

Why make it?

  1. It’s a really easy Easter cake to make even if you don’t consider yourself much of a cake decorator.
  2. You’ll have it decorated in about 5 minutes flat.
  3. Looks impressive.
  4. Chocolate. Yes chocolate is a reason of its own.
Chocolate Easter egg basket cake

How to make Easter egg basket cake

  1. First you need to make a cake. Any cake you like that is not too delicate (it needs to hold the weight of all those eggs). You’ll find some recommended recipes below.
  2. Ice it. I highly recommend using chocolate fudge icing (made with real chocolate). Not only is it the best chocolate icing you’ll ever eat, it’s nice and thick so it holds onto the KitKats well when you’re placing them.
  3. Stick KitKats around the side of the cake.
  4. Tie with a ribbon. To get the right length of ribbon, wrap it around the tin and add some extra for the bow. Dab a little bit of icing on it to help it stick.
  5. Fill the cake with eggs.
  6. Serve!

If you’re looking for a little less of a sugar high but still want to get in the Easter spirit – check out our Easter crafts for kids.

Easter basket cake - super simple easter cake decorating idea

Questions about Easter Basket Cake

Do you have to use KitKats? Absolutely not. They do give a nice finish but any chocolate bar that comes in fun-size will do. Here in Australia something like a Twirl would also be perfect. Twix would work well too.

Do I have to bake the cake? Nope. One of those plain mudcakes you get from the supermarket would work or even just a sponge cake and ice it yourself.

How far in advance can I make it? You can make the cake a month ahead of time and freeze it (wrap in plastic wrap and then aluminium foil) but it’s best to ice and decorate the day of or the day before if you need to.

Do you need to refrigerate it? That depends where you live. Here in Queensland, Australia, it’s probably a good idea or it might be a rainbow chocolate mess. In cooler climates it should be ok in an airtight container on the bench.

Cake recipes you can use as the bas

Flourless chocolate cake – a goodie if you need a gluten free Easter Cake.

White chocolate mudcake – you can always ice it with buttercream if you want a coloured cake rather than chocolate icing.

Chocolate banana cake – something a little lighter than mudcake but still deliciously chocolatey.

Gluten and dairy free chocolate cake – for the intolerance friendly easter cake.

Whichever way you choose to make it, I bet it is well-received. Enjoy!

p.s. Some of my favourite cake recipes also feature on our printable recipe cards over at The Natural Life Academy store.

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