Homemade Christmas gifts in jars – 13 ideas from edible food gifts to DIY snow globes. The ultimate zero-waste Christmas presents.

Homemade Christmas gifts in jars

13 Christmas gifts in jars

I’m a big fan of giving homemade Christmas gifts. Not in a cheapo way (although it is a way to save money) but I love it for a few reasons.

Why homemade Christmas gifts are awesome

1 Thoughtful

Firstly, I find homemade gifts really thoughtful. What’s nicer than receiving something someone actually put their own time into creating for you?

I’m sure there are a lot of gifts that you buy that are super thoughtful but I just love the idea of the person having made it.

2 Less waste

If you give edible homemade gifts or something that can actually be consumed then you know it’s not going to just get shoved in a cupboard if the recipient didn’t like it or end up in landfill down the track.

Giving Christmas gifts in jars also means that they can recycle the packaging. That’s a win-win for the environment.

Plus, by not buying new gifts we’re saving on all the energy and materials that would have had to go into something we bought new.

3 Save money

Christmas can be a really expensive time of year especially when you have a lot of people to give gifts to like all your kids’ teachers.

Making a big batch of something (like rosemary & lemon salt) and jarring it up can be a really cost-effective way to give gifts at Christmas. They don’t have to cost a lot but the person will appreciate the gift and the thought.

4 Easy for those ‘hard to buy for’ people

Most people love an edible gift so I think they’re a great present for people who are notoriously hard to buy for. You usually can’t go wrong as long as you cater to their dietary requirements.

Homemade Christmas gifts in jars

Where to get jars

My personal preference is always to recycle glass jars. What’s better than a free jar?

You can purchase replacement lids if you don’t want to re-use them (sometimes things like tomato paste lids go red). I have a super easy tutorial showing how to remove the labels from glass jars.

Most junk shops now sell glass jars for things like gift giving or you can purchase them online. My favourite place to buy glass jars online is Glass Bottles Direct.

I’d love to hear what your favourite homemade Christmas gifts are. Let me know in the comments.

Christmas gifts in jars


Macadamia Dukkah

A super easy and simple to make macadamia dukkah that makes a perfect edible Christmas gift for your friends and family.

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Chili jam

Chili jam goes perfectly with Christmas ham. It's quick and easy to make and can be made in advance.

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Chocolate crinkle cookies 

Chocolate crinkle cookies in a jar make a delicious gift for sweet-toothed friends.

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Cranberry-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar

Photo Credit: veganhuggs.com

Need an easy, last-minute, but thoughtful gift? Look no further, because these Cranberry-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar are fun, festive, thoughtful and are so simple to make.

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Gingerbread Gluten Free Granola

Photo Credit: www.veggieinspired.com

Gingerbread Gluten Free Granola – crunchy little clusters of holiday flavor with pecans, dried cranberries, crystalized ginger, and chocolate chips. Perfect for breakfast, snack, or gift giving.

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Chili peanuts

Chili peanuts - the ultimate gift for those who like a little bit of spice.

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DIY Snowglobes

Photo Credit: www.mommalew.com

DIY snow globes are a super-fun Christmas activity with kids and make a very cute, inexpensive gift.

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Christmas Mason Jars - A Quick, Fun Craft for Everyone

Photo Credit: rufflesandrainboots.com

These fun Christmas mason jars are one of the best holiday crafts to ring in the festive season. Grab some paint and a few jars, and let’s get started!

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Make a Mason Jar Christmas Snow Globe

Photo Credit: thetiptoefairy.com

Snow globe toppers are the perfect way to jazz up your homemade Christmas gifts in jars.

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How to Make Easy Mason Jar Christmas Centerpieces

Photo Credit: www.myturnforus.com

These Mason Jar Christmas Centerpieces are an easy Mason Jar DIY project.  And these DIY mason jars make very inexpensive Mason Jar Table Centerpieces for Christmas.

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Lemon and rosemary salt

Lemon and rosemary salt is another quick and easy Christmas recipe that makes a great Christmas gift.

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Mulberry jam 

This mulberry jam recipe is super simple and quick and can be mad ahead for an organised Christmas.

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How to make scented soy candles

Homemade scented candles make the perfect Christmas gift and you can make them in recycled glass jars.

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