If you’re looking for wrapping ideas with brown paper then look no further than my list of 10 ideas for any occasion – they’re easy, pretty & affordable.

10 wrapping ideas with brown paper

10 Wrapping ideas with brown paper

Brown paper is my favourite thing to wrap with (really it’s the only thing I wrap with) so today I’m going to share 10 wrapping ideas with brown paper.

I can’t actually find a statistic for Australia but in the US, $2.6 billion is spent every year on wrapping paper with the average spend per roll at $4.99.

That is a whole lot of money spent on wrapping paper isn’t it? Gift giving is big business.

Not only can the price of wrapping paper add up quickly, but unless you want to to be running to the shops buying wrapping paper every time you have a present to give, you need to have quite a selection at home to cover different occasions.

That’s why I love wrapping with brown paper (or craft paper).

10 easy and simple gift wrapping ideas with brown paper

Why wrap with brown paper?

There are so many reasons I love wrapping with craft paper and I’m not sure which comes first so I’ll just go by the order the pop into my head.

Wrapping with brown paper is inexpensive.

If you think that a roll of paper costs around $5 and you probably get 5m (if you’re lucky out of it) or you can get a sheet from the dollar shop for $1 you’re averaging at about $1 per meter of wrapping.

Brown paper on the other hand, if you get a big roll like this craft paper roll, averages at about $0.12 per meter. That’s quite a saving!

Using craft paper for gift wrap is versatile.

I love wrapping with brown paper because you can really use it for any occasion (as I’m about to show you).

Really, weddings are the only occasions I haven’t used it for but if you dressed it up enough, I think it would be great for wrapping wedding gifts.

You can use brown paper for Christmas too. Check out my ideas for wrapping Christmas presents with brown paper.

Using brown paper for wrapping presents saves space.

Rather than having to find somewhere to store all your different wrapping papers, you just need room to stand up one big roll. It can be shoved in the back of a cupboard or just behind a door making a great space saver.

Brown paper is recyclable.

Now I know technically most gift wrap should be recyclable but that’s not always the case.

Some wrapping has coating on it which means it can’t be thrown in the regular household recycling. Brown paper can go in the regular recycling bin.

Gift Wrapping with brown paper

10 Wrapping ideas with brown paper

1. Paper garlands

Homemade Ginger‘s brown paper packages with little paper garlands are super cute and you could ofcourse change up the colours to suit the occasion.

2. Buttons and string

Craft and Creativity has a very cute idea that uses up all those random buttons that seem to collect around the house.

I surely can’t be the only one who collects the spare buttons that come with clothes? I have quite a large jar full of them.

3. Washi Tape Gift Wrapping

Who doesn’t love washi tape? DIY Inspired‘s idea uses washi tape instead of ribbon. This would be a good one to get the kids onto if you don’t mind it being a little messy.

4. Easy Yarn Pom Poms

These little pompoms from Lia Griffith admittedly would require a little bit of work but perhaps another idea for the kids? They look so very cute with brown paper.

5. Polka Dot Gift Wrap

I’m a sucker for white and natural colours like the polka dot wrapping from DIY Joy. You could decorate one huge sheet in one go so it’s ready for polka dot wrapping when you need it or wrap the present and add the spots once it’s wrapped.

6. Brown paper packages with painted on string

No time for decorating or ribbon? Add some drawn on string like this idea from Cakies.

7. DIY Gift Wrap

You can never go wrong if you add a bit of bling. This idea from Sarah Sherman Manuel uses gold washi tape and a white marker.

10 brown paper wrapping ideas

8. Baby elephant wrapping

For the kids, I could not go past these adorable little balloon elephants from Sorstrene Grenes. Seriously, how cute are they? They’d also be adorable made into a gift card.

9. Glitter-Dipped Gift Tags and classic brown paper packages tied up with string

The Thinking Closet glitzed up the classic brown paper packages tied up with string by adding a craft gift tag dipped in glitter.

To be honest, often I just wrap my gifts in the brown paper, tie it with kitchen string and write on the paper (especially for kids Birthday parties).

10. Tissue paper embellishments

I nearly always have a few bits of tissue paper in my cupboard for kids crafts and padding out presents and these little tissue paper embellishments from Bloglovin’ would be really easy to make and look so very pretty on top of brown paper.

So there you have it. I hope you liked 10 wrapping ideas with brown paper and found an idea you can use.

Where to buy brown paper for wrapping gifts

I buy my brown craft paper online from The Packaging Place. If you’re not in Australia, just type ‘bulk brown paper roll’ into Google and see what you can find. You want to make sure it is at least 1m wide.

What else can I use brown paper for?

Kids art

One of my favourite hacks for painting with the kids is taping a big sheet of brown paper to the glass doors and letting them use it as an easel.

If they happen to go off the paper, the paint comes off the glass usually with a wipe (or a paint scraper if desperate) and it keeps them contained.

Occasionally I’ll give the kids a big sheet of it on the floor with some pencils, random bits and pieces and glue and let them create a masterpiece or we’ll cut a piece long enough to do a whole-body outline that they can decorate.

Table runner

I’ve used a long piece of brown paper down the middle of a table as a table runner with some little jars of fresh flowers spread down it.

For a kids party you could use it to cover the whole table and have little jars of crayons in the middle for them to get creative with while they eat. It could even be the craft table/party activity.

DIY bin liners

Now that plastic shopping bags are a thing of the past, we still need something to collect our rubbish in inside the bin so you could use some of that brown paper to make your own bin liners.

It does require a little gluing but you could just set aside one night in front of a good Netflix show and make a few weeks worth.

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Wrapping ideas with brown paper

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