1 week

Last Wednesday our little man turned 4 weeks old and we can hardly believe it. The time has absolutely flown and he has grown so much in just a short time.

2 weeks

We love him to pieces and can’t really remember not having him here. Although being parents and being a new mum is definitely a challenge and probably the biggest physical and emotional challenge (with sleep deprivation thrown in) so far I wouldn’t change it for the world.

3 weeks

His little smile melts our hearts. He’s just started looking around more and loves looking at lights. There’s no favourite toy yet but he is a very lucky boy and has been given so many wonderful gifts already. His grandparents and three great-grandparents (lucky boy!) are all smitten but he has my mum and dad wrapped around his little finger.

4 weeks

When mum is here I can’t even change his nappy. She’s so eager to spend every second with him she whisks him off to his change table at the first whiff of a dirty nappy.

Cheeky boy

Will and I call him Buddah because of the face he makes after a feed but he’s definitely the happy Buddah.

First walk

We haven’t ventured out much just the two of us but on Friday we did manage a little walk up and down the street. I was pretty proud of us as you can see. Our next big adventure is mothers’ group tomorrow and I don’t know about Bubba C but I’m looking forward to it.

My love