Magazine stack

How to organise magazine clippings

I subscribe to a few too many magazines.

I can’t help it I just love food mags.

One of my favourite weekend morning activities is sitting with a pot of tea and the latest foodie inspiration.

The only problem with this obsession is the space the magazines take up. I didn’t want to get rid of any of them because how would I find the recipes?

I didn’t like ripping anything out because a) I didn’t have a way to organise the clippings and b) I didn’t want to pass on ripped magazines.

The old system

My technique for a while was using post-it notes to mark the recipes I liked the sound of. The only problem with this system was I could never remember which magazine a particular recipe was in. I decided that since I bought the magazines and the people I pass them on are getting them for free a few missing pages shouldn’t hurt. Then I put on my thinking cap and came up with a free way to sort and organise the clippings.

The materials

I used some folder dividers, plastic sleeves, ribbon, plain paper and two exercise books I picked up at the Big W back to school sale for 5 cents each (yes 5c bargain!).


One book I dedicated to crafts and other projects (I subscribe to Better Homes and Gardens too).

Styling inspiration

The second exercise book is full of my favourite food pics that I use for inspiration for styling. I’m only just getting into this and trying to improve my skills.


The recipe clippings were the last thing I organised. I used the dividers and separated them all into the following categories:

  • meals
  • sides and finger/party food
  • baked goodies
  • desserts
  • occasions

I stuck the recipes on blank paper and slipped each piece into a plastic sleeve. I added a few empty sleeves to each category (so I don’t have to take the whole thing apart every time I add a recipe) and stacked them all on top of each other.

I’ve also started sorting my Pinterest boards into the same categories to make it nice and easy to find recipes.

All prettied up

Then it was time to make them look pretty. I covered the exercise books with some leftover fabric from my latest sewing project. For the front and back of the recipe folder I cut two pieces of cardboard from a box and covered them in wrapping paper then put it all together with two paper clips and tied a ribbon on each one.

There you have it, two shelves worth of magazines compacted into a folder and two little exercise books.

What about you? How do you organise your recipes?