Magazine clipping

I’m a magazine addict. If weekend breakfast is at home, my set up usually consists of a bowl of muesli with yoghurt, a pot of green tea and a stack of the latest food and home magazines. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you look at it, I don’t have room to keep them all so I have to regularly cull. I used to cut out the recipes and other bits and pieces that I wanted to remember and store them like this then give the magazines away to family and friends.

It was a great system but every time I wanted something I had to flick through the whole book looking for it and often get distracted by the pretty recipes. Plus, the people I gifted my magazines too when I was done were left with missing pages.

My new sorting secret

Enter my very most favourite new app – Evernote. I might be way behind the times with this but I am in love with this app. Now all my clippings are stored electronically so there’s no need to rip out the pages. All I do is take a photo (or scan with another app – JotNot), add a title, any notes I want, some tags and file it away.

Hand written recipe

It’s not limited to magazine clippings either, I also uploaded all the very special hand-written recipes I was given at my bridal shower (this one’s coming to the blog next week). Adding to the app is super easy and just like Pinterest, you can add a button to your toolbar and clip recipes straight from the net too.

Tag search

Got some chicken in the fridge you want to use up? Just select chicken from your tags and it will show every recipe that uses chicken. In the supermarket and mince is on special? A quick scan of your app and you can find your saved mince recipes.

Search the scans

It gets better though, it even has functionality to search the scanned items. How cool is that?!

Pretty view

You can display everything in a list or as little tabs with images so you can see everything at a glance.

It’s not just limited to recipes. I store my receipts, bills, documents, emails and basically anything I want to store that I want to be able to find quickly and easily. It syncs across my iPad, iPhone and mac so I can view and add to the files on whichever i-thing I happen to be using. It’s also backed up online so you can access everything wherever you are.

The free version is great but the storage is a bit limited. I upgraded to the pro version for $9.99 a month and it pretty much has unlimited storage.

If you’re still on convinced, watch the clip below for the official Evernote overview.

Disclaimer: I have zero affiliation with Evernote I just really really love it.