Looking for some easy diy Easter decorations these holidays? Look no further than 10 easy DIY Easter decorations.

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12 Easy DIY Easter decorations

Do you decorate your house for Easter? Growing up we’d always have some Easter decorations on Easter Sunday but in the lead up to Easter, we didn’t have any.

I didn’t even realise it was a thing (and it probably wasn’t) until a few years ago.

I started with a small white twig tree and some hanging Easter eggs and then we seem to add another item every year.

Easy Easter decorations that you can do at home

This year the boys are fully into Easter decorating. I bought a few little bits and pieces with the thought of them making Easter bonnets for school and kindy but that didn’t happen so they decorated the house and did a pretty adorable job.

If it were up to me though, I’d probably have a go at some of these ideas.

Do it yourself Easter decorations

12 Easy Homemade decor for Easter

1. Simple Easter Tablescape Decor

I’m a sucker for pastels at Easter (strangely not at other times of the year though and this little pot in the tablescape by Purely Katie is so cute – it would be a great use for all my recycled glass jars.

2. Easter Inspired Mason Jars

These Easter inspired mason jars from Raggedy Bits are super versatile and would also make a pretty fun activity for older kids. I could see them being turned into a bit of a scavenger hunt game too.

3. Rustic Shabby Easter Decor

DIY Treasures has a brilliant idea of using plastic and styrofoam eggs in creating a lovely rustic easter decoration.

We actually have a store-bought white twig tree that I had been eyeing off for years before purchasing but if we didn’t this would be on my must-make list. I’d probably spray the twigs white or a lovely pastel colour.

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4. Terra Cotta Pots Easter Table Decor

Turn your Terra Cotta Pots into a pretty table decoration with this easy steps from Hometalk. You could even make them a little take-home from Easter lunch with a tiny bag of dirt (hmm that sounded better in my head) and some seeds to plant or even a little seedling.

Rustic DIY Easter decorations

5. Easter Egg Ornaments

These easter egg ornaments from Fireflies and Mud Pies are pretty cute and of course could be made any colour to suit your theme. It’s not just me that has an Easter decorating theme right?

6. Spring Book Page Bunny Garland

This spring book page bunny garland from The Purple Hydrangea looks really easy to make. I’m not sure I could cut up a book but if you have any that have seen better days (maybe the kids got to them) then this is the craft project for them.

If you’re not keen on cutting up books you could always photocopy some pages of your favourites and use them instead. You could even take it one step further and copy pages from Easter books or Peter Rabbit.

7. Burlap Bunny Table Runner

I love me anything with burlap (we even had something similar for our wedding) so of course I had to include this burlap bunny table runner from Kelly Elko.

8. Rustic Twine Carrots

It’s not Easter without carrot decorations is it? These rustic twine carrots from Sun & Sea Salt are perfect to add to a little Easter basket displayed in the middle of your Easter table.

Easter decorations that are easy to make

9. Plastic Eggs Napkin Decoupage

Yep you read that right – napkin decoupage. All you need is those plastic eggs from the junk shop (dollar store in the USA) and some pretty paper napkins to cut up. You can get very fancy or just let the kids go to town and make them ‘rustic’ decoupage eggs. Instructions from Sew for Soul.

10. Ruffled Muslin Wreath

I have to admit, I’ve never actually had an Easter wreath and I haven’t let on to the kids that there is such a thing but if I were to make one this ruffled muslin wreath from My Blessed Life would be a lovely start. I’d probably make mine from burlap.

11. Stenciled Canvas Bunny Framed Picture

This stenciled canvas bunny picture from Restyle Relove would be ridiculously quick to make but how adorable is it? You could use any frame you’ve got and just cover the picture with canvas for Easter.

A little trio with a carrot stencil and and egg would be adorable.

12. Small Speckled Egg Framed Wreath

If a fabric wreath isn’t your thing then maybe Another one wonderful easter decor from Restyle Relove’s mini speckled egg framed wreath would be more your thing?

For me, I can see it sprayed with silver or gold and tied with a thick, giant bow.

What about you? Do you decorate for Easter?

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