Tupperware is a must-have in every kitchen but it can be the most painful thing to store.

Here are 6 ideas to store tupperware so you never have a mis-matching lid and container again.

6 ideas to store tupperware

6 ideas to store tupperware

My husband actually refuses to put the tupperware away.

He hates it.

Firstly, he hates that the plastic stuff doesn’t dry in the dishwasher, then he hates that my storage system isn’t always that neat (thank you children!).

I’ve tried so many different ways to store it over the years.

I used to be very against storing it with the lids on.

It grossed me out that the air could get trapped in there or a little moisture could get stuck.

If you’ve got the space though, it really is one of the best ways to keep the lids from wandering off or breeding.

You might also be interested in how I organised my pantry.

We have one big 2-shelf cupboard for our tupperware.

I have the small containers with thier lids on in a big tub on the top shelf, glass containers with on lids next to them (I love the Decor Match Ups) then the larger containers on the bottom shelf.

I realise that’s not idea for everyone though and we’ll be after a new solution later in the year when we renovate our kitchen so I’ve put together a collection of 6 ideas to store tupperware.

6 ideas to store tupperware

1 Using inexpensive drawers and shelf risers

6 ideas to store tupperware

From Mrs Organised

You can get plastic drawers like the ones featured above from most discount stores or places like Kmart & Target.

Another great tip from this idea is lining the cupboards.

She has used non-slip matting to stop the shelves, drawers and containers from slipping around.

It also protects the base of the cupboard.

2 Store lids on a labelled shelf

Label them in a way that makes sense to you based on the containers you have in your kitchen.

It makes it much easier to see what you’ve got and to pack them away.

From Better Homes and Gardens

3 Use under-shelf baskets

This is another great way to create space AND corral all your lids.

From Better Homes and Gardens

4 Build the ultimate container storage drawer

6 ideas to store tupperware

Now this one does require some handyman work but doesn’t it make you organisational heart sing?

Lid storage on top and all the containers neatly stacked in the drawer below.

From Family Handy Man 

5 Use tension rods in drawers

6 ideas to store tupperware

If you’re not up for DIYing a whole designer drawer then using tension rod dividers is a really simple way to keep the lids organised in a big drawer.

From Montana Prairie Tales

6 Use a desk sorter for lids

Mail sorters or desk organisers can be so useful around the kitchen and are a great way to store your lids in a deep drawer or cupboard.

From Better Homes and Gardens

There you go, 6 ideas to store tupperware.

But if you know me you’ll know I always say that there are a few steps before the organising stage.

This video sums them up nicely…

If you have kids, you might also like – how to organise kids toys.

6 ideas to store tupperware 4
6 ideas to store tupperware 3
6 ideas to store tupperware 2

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