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I am one of those people who is always looking for ‘life hacks.’ If there is a way of doing something that is faster or more efficient then I want to find it. I am constantly trying to make my life easier and my most recent quest was making breakfast.

I have a smoothie every morning. It’s my way of making sure that no matter what I eat for the rest of the day, I have at least gotten a healthy start packed with goodness.

2 minute green smoothie via www.clairekcreations.com

The ‘problem’ I discovered was that to get all these goodies into a smoothie it takes quite a long time. I always have my fruit cut up and frozen so that’s one step out of the way but I still had to get them all out of their bags then scoop in my chia seeds, maca, coconut oil and green stuff and count out my nuts and add the yoghurt.

There had to be a faster way.

The blender loaded up

Then I had a stroke of genius. Why not put it all in the blender together and mix it up fresh as one giant smoothie then freeze it? All I would have to do in the morning is blend up a few cubes of the frozen mix with some liquid. See, genius right?

Freezing options for 2 minute green smoothie

I’ll admit it looks revolting. Totally like frozen slime but it tastes much better. For the first lot, I froze them in baby food freezer trays but then I realised it would take me forever to freeze them, empty and repeat so I poured the rest into ziplock bags and froze them flat then broke them up and popped them in the blender.

Cubes ready for blending

Yes I know they look like frozen pureed grass clippings but I promise they tasted good blended up. I’m not going to provide an actual recipe for this because it totally depends on what you like.

Just multiply it by 5 (or whatever will fit in the blender) and blend it all together. I will say add a bit of extra sweetness because blending them fresh can make it taste a bit swampier than frozen. A few raspberries will do the trick.

2 minute green smoothie via www.clairekcreations.com

Only add a tiny bit of liquid when you are processing your fruit and veges. You want just enough to mix it all together. Add the actual liquid when you’re making your smoothie for breakfast.

Remember you can only use fresh produce. If something has been frozen you can’t blend it and re-freeze. Enjoy your quick, easy, healthy breakfast! Now there is no excuse for skipping the best meal of the day.

Enjoy your quick, easy, healthy breakfast! Now there is no excuse for skipping the best meal of the day.

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