Looking for inspiration for a grey and yellow baby shower – here are some beautiful ideas for decoration, sweet and savoury foods.

My grey and yellow baby shower
Baby mumma

On Saturday I was the luckiest mumma-to-be in town. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, the theme for our nursery is yellow, grey and white (I’ll share some pics in Jan when we’re totally set up) and so it was the theme for my beautiful  grey and yellow baby shower.

My grey and yellow baby shower

Mum did nearly everything herself with some help from my sis and a some lovely friends but didn’t she do the most amazing job?

In the lead up she kept saying to me ‘don’t get your hopes up I’m not that creative with all that fancy decorating.’ She could have fooled me. Everything was absolutely perfect.

My grey and yellow baby shower

See the napkins with elephants on them? Mum sourced the fancy white napkins and then hand-stamped each one with grey elephants. I seriously have a high standard to live up to when I am a mum.


The punch was a lovely non-alcoholic mix and I must ask her for the recipe although I know what the answer will be ‘oh I just threw in a bit of this and a bit of that until it tasted good’ (she’s that kind of cook/drinks mixer).


The adorable little elephants poking out of the wine rack were prizes for games and the recipients happily gave them new homes (Bubba got one too).

Me, my sis and my mum

Mum even carried the grey and yellow baby shower theme through to her outfit. Doesn’t she look wonderful? Auntie Anna looked lovely in her yellow jacket and floral headpiece to match.

Grey and yellow baby shower - sweet and savoury food and decoration ideas via www.clairekcreations.com

I’m just jealous that my feet are bigger than mum’s. Anna gets to borrow all her shoes but not big-foot Claire.

Wedding decorations

The table numbers from our wedding even made another appearance decorated with hand-made grey and yellow paper pompoms (also elephant stamped) to create a bit of a screen between the party and the kitchen.

Grey and yellow pom pom tied to a buddha at my grey and yellow baby shower
My gorgeous grandma

Family and friends started arriving shortly after I’d taken the photos of the grey and yellow baby shower and I was very happy to get this beautiful shot of my grandma, Guppy.

The twins

The twins were looking gorgeous as always and behaved beautifully the whole day.

Miss M

My other little guest Miss M was so pooped from being shown off and passed around for cuddles in her adorable outfit she fell asleep while we were eating. Isn’t she angelic?


Of course the food was spectacular and nearly all prepared entirely by my very clever mother.

The top right is an artichoke dip that I absolutely loved. Must get that recipe to share too.

Savoury food buffet at my grey and yellow baby shower

Lunch was a sit-down affair and after dishing out a little of everything from the buffet I took my seat.

Personalised pencils

It was game time while we were eating. See the attention to detail? Even the pencils for games were themed with my little one’s name (well the name I’ve given him/her for now).

Before lunch we played spit the dummy where you had to throw the little dummies into a bucket. My Mother-in-law was the winner there and gifted her elephant to me.

Then we had to name the nursery rhyme and write down what certain animal’s babies are called. Do you know what a baby fox is? How about a baby dolphin? I did learn that I need to scrub up on my nursery rhymes.

Grey and yellow themed dessert buffet

Of course there was dessert! We were all seriously spoilt for choice.


On Friday afternoon mum rang me panicking that there wasn’t enough of a dessert selection and would I make brownies so there was a chocolate option.

I whipped up a double batch and baked them in cupcake liners to look a bit prettier.

Here’s the recipe for my best ever brownies if you want to give them a go.

Also on the table were coffee butterflies, baby chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, mum’s lemon meringue ice-cream in individual servings (such a clever idea), meltingly-soft shortbread sandwiches and yellow meringues.

My only other contribution was the carrot cake cupcakes with yellow icing and I got my craft on to make the cupcake toppers.

My plate

Ok don’t judge me but this is my plate and I ate every skerrick and possibly could have gone back for more but I was heading into a bit of  sugar coma.

I did take a few leftovers home and may have had some for dessert that night. Promise I don’t feed my growing baby this much sugar every day! It was just so good and there was no way I could not try one of everything.

The bassinet

After dessert quite a few people had left so daddy-to-be came and helped me open the presents. Mum had the family bassinet (it’s 73 years old) refurbished for us and it stood as our present table.

It’s now all set up in our bedroom complete with the most beautiful handmade sheets from my Aunt in Spain (I’ll share photos when I post the nursery). I gaze at it every night before bed imagining our little Bubba in it. I still can’t quite believe it.

Present time

 We have one very lucky baby!

Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends who helped me celebrate and for all Bubba’s gifts but the biggest thank you to my wonderful mum for throwing the best baby shower I could have ever imagined! xxx

Grey and yellow themed baby shower - decorations and food
Grey and yellow themed baby shower - decorations and food

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