Outback billy can cake

Last weekend, I had a request for a ‘bushie’ themed Birthday cake. For those unfamiliar with the term ‘bushie,’ it’s what we use to describe those great Aussies who live in the outback (the bush). My first thought was an akubra hat but my icing modeling skills are severely lacking. An outdoor dunny probably wouldn’t have been very appropriate so I finally settled on a campfire and later decided a billy can would be the ‘icing on the cake.’

Outback billy can cake

The cake is a chocolate mudcake iced with dark chocolate ganache. The sand under the fire is one not-so-lucky chocolate tiny teddy and the fire logs are shards of Cadbury furry friends. I originally had twix bars as the logs but they were a little too big and would have been like trees in comparison to the little billy can. In the middle of them is a candle stuck right into the cake so that the fire has a little flame.

The billy can is made from a piece of aluminum foil that I wrapped around the end of a marker pen and I made the stand from picture wire. I was pretty happy that the final product came out as I’d pictured it in my head. What about you? What have do made that came out just like you pictured?