The bride to be – ready to hit the town

You might have seen some of my excited tweets on Saturday. It was my hens party and oh what a night it was! All I knew about the night was that I was to arrive at my parents’ house at 5pm and I was to wear black or white. That was it.

I walked in the door and was immediately adorned with a sash and flashing badges. I looked the part straight away!


The theme was my favourite food – Italian and oh what a theme it was. Every detail was thought of. Isn’t the decoration fantastic? The food included Italian meatballs, mini pizzas, CCs (my favourite chips!), feta-stuffed olives (also my favourites) and veges and guacamole.

The three wise men Italian style

Even the three wise men were decked out like gondoliers in Venice.

My handsome waiters

These were my handsome waiters. The tall one is dad and the other two are fantastic family friends. Don’t they look great. They even came with wonderfully polished Italian accents. The kept the Claire-o-politans flowing well.

Now a hens party isn’t a hens party without games is it? There was definitely no shortage.

Will had been asked some questions and I had to answer the same ones and see if we had the same answer. I might have gotten a few of these wrong but I swear he made up some of the answers!

After that we had to sketch the statue of David on a sheet of dried lasagna. That was rather challenging with my lack of artistic skills.

Setting the scene

Just when I thought I was having too much fun we were told to get our bags ready and visit the ladies’ room as we were on to our next destination. I walked up the street only to find a ginormous stretch hummer. We all piled into it and went on a party tour of Brisbane with a little stop to admire the view. There are no photos from now on because I didn’t think it wise to take the fancy camera out with me and my little clutch bag.

Our final destination was one of my favourite Italian restaurants, Vine. We had a delicious dinner and competed in Bridal trivia (no I didn’t win that one either).

Spaghetti tree

After dinner my sister had planned a fantastic treasure hunt that ended up at the gelato shop. Unfortunately the rain hindered the expedition but not to worry. We headed into town for a bit of a boogie and I finally returned home at 1.30am (I haven’t done that in a while!). It was the most fun I have had in ages and ages and the most perfect hens night I could have ever imagined.

Thank you to all my wonderful bridesmaids, mum, my waiters and wonderful family and friends for such a fantastic night!

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