Hydrangea cake

Hydrangea cake

When I made this hydrangea cake last year it took me quite a while.

It was messy, I got icing everywhere and I wasted a lot too.

I wish I’d known about mess free icing with a piping bag.

I used to shy away from using them because I hated cleaning them (I used those little puff-paint like squeezy things instead) but I learned a new trick a few months ago that makes it really easy to switch between colours and tips.

100 wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes as far as the eye can see

Yes it’s a little bit wasteful because you use a fair bit of plastic wrap but I think it’s worth it because it makes life so much easier.

If I hadn’t used the trick, making these 100 cupcakes would have taken me a lot longer than 8 hours!

This is a very short video to explain the ‘technique.’

I say ‘technique’ because it’s super simple.

Apparently if you make the rolls of icing nice and skinny you can put two or even three colours in at once for a pretty rainbow-like icing.

I later used this trick on my rainbow piñata cake.

Have a play around with it.

I promise, once you’ve done this once you’ll be lining your piping bag forever.

What about you? Have you tried out the plastic wrap trick yet? Did you use more than one colour?