Greasing a tin can be one of the most fiddly parts of baking but I’m going to show you how to grease a baking tin quickly with no mess.

How to grease a baking tin quickly with no mess

How to grease a baking tin quickly with no mess

If you’ve been around here for a while then you will know that I am a self-professed lazy one.

I used to take offence when people called me lazy but these days I totally embrace it. I think of being lazy as a positive thing. It means that if there is an easier or quicker way to do something, I will find it. Who doesn’t want a quicker or easier way to do something?

Greasing tins is one thing that, although it seems like such a simple thing, wow this is a bit embarrassing but sometimes the thought of it is enough to put me off baking. I guess it’s not embarrassing when you consider I came up with a lazy hack for making bliss balls.

Especially when it comes to muffin tins.

It can be so fiddly getting into each little crevice.

I know you could just use muffin liners but I’m doing my best to reduce waste in any way possible around here to muffin liners don’t really fit with the end goal.

Now spraying tins has been a thing for a very long time. I actually think in the states there’s a special oil just for spraying baking tins but it’s messy… no one likes getting oil all over their kitchen and then having to clean it up right? I kinda think it  makes the whole process more difficult than greasing the tin by hand.

Enter my dishwasher hack i.e. how to grease a baking tin quickly with no mess.

I’ll leave it to the video but  basically, you pop your tin over the top rack of the dishwasher, spray it and let the dishwasher catch the extra oil the close it up and you’re good to go – no mess!


I’d love to hear any other super simple hacks for sometimes messy tasks.

As I said, if there’s a quicker or easier way to do something I’ll take it.

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