It’s one of those things that drives you nuts – folding a fitted sheet. I always used to marvel at those people who had perfectly-neat linen cupboards where the fitted sheets looked like regular sheets. That is until a friend taught me how to fold a fitted sheet – and now I’m passing that awesome bit of wisdom on to you.

How to fold a fitted sheet

How to fold a fitted sheet

I don’t really know how I grew up not learning how to fold a fitted sheet. My Mum taught us everything but she kept this little gem to herself. I think she might just wave her magic wand because she can even make tea towels look like they’ve been ironed when she puts them away.

So that’s how it came to be that when I was away on a retreat for my mastermind group last year, my amazing friend Jo from Life Sorted (aka one of the most organised people I know), taught me how to fold a fitted sheet.

Yep we pulled a sheet off one of the beds and had a little lesson.

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We’re so cool!

It’s really so easy once you get the hang of it and it has changed my little sheet-folding life. I’m all about the simple things around here. Making life simple and easy and learning how to fold a fitted sheet gets me just one step closer I think.

Because it’s a bit tricky to describe in words, I made a little video demo, complete with interrupting children because #mumlife.

I hope this changes your life the way it changed mine. Feel free to share.


Now if you want to get really nerdy with me I’ll tell you how I keep my sheets organised inside the cupboard…

How to keep your sheets organised

Start with the top sheet – I fold mine down to the second last fold. Then I fold up the bottom sheet, pop it on top then fold the pillow cases for that set and put them on top and fold the whole lot together in a bundle then into the linen cupboard it goes.

When it’s time to change the sheets, I just grab the set out and I’m good to go.



How to fold a fitted sheet How to fold a fitted sheet How to fold a fitted sheet