You don’t need to have a fancy kitchen to take beautiful photos. Let me show you how to create a fancy kitchen photography backdrop without the fancy kitchen.

How to create a fancy kitchen photo backdrop (without the fancy kitchen) (2)

How to create a fancy kitchen photography backdrop

If you want a little look at the difference practice and some simple changes can make to something… take a look back in my archives to some of my earliest blog posts and check out the images.

Oh my goodness were they bad.

Terrible lighting.

The food wasn’t even set up to look nice.

The angle was awful.

They were all taken on my ugly kitchen bench.

Then compare them to the photos I take now. You’d think they were taken by a different person.

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But… I haven’t had any sort of special photography training. I’ve spent the last 8 years or so, testing and tweaking ways to improve my photography without having to invest in any special tools or equipment.

One of the best things I did for my photos, was to create a little ‘stage.’

I wanted a beautiful, white marble bench top with a pretty splash back to take my photos on. But… I didn’t want to renovate my kitchen (well I did but I couldn’t at the time – we’re actually just about to finish that dream kitchen reno) so I had to find a way to recreate it.

Enter…. contact paper and a few random tiles.

I shared this tip in a Facebook group last week and it was so so popular!


All I did was lay a sheet of $5 marble-look contact paper over the top of a sheet of vinyl and tile a piece of MDF to look like a splash back.

That’s it. No fancy stuff.

I just looked up a tutorial on YouTube to learn how to tile, got my bits and pieces from Bunnings and to work I went.

3 years later and it’s still going strong.

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