Homefresh organics Brisbane – an honest review of the Brisbane organic and regular fruit, vegetable and grocery delivery service.

Home fresh organics
Home fresh organics

Homefresh organics review

Sunday mornings used to mean a trip to the markets, just a walk away with my grandma trolley in tow. When the markets first started I really enjoyed them. There was so much to choose from and everything seemed pretty good.

I’m not sure whether it was my excitement of having a farmers market just a walk away or it was once really good but sadly they’re not what they used to be, in my opinion anyway.

Now the majority of the fruit and vege stalls seem to be the reject pickings from the Rocklea Markets (where a lot of the fruit and vege comes from in Brisbane).

I found I was buying less and less until I was really just making the trip to buy eggs and spinach from the man from Toowoomba and mushrooms from the mushroom man and buying the rest of our fresh food from our local green grocer, who’s a little on the pricey side.

Organic fruit & vege box
Organic fruit & vege box

As I started learning more about organic food and wanted to source it for our kitchen, I realised there aren’t that many places to get it close by.

If I wanted to start eating organic fruit and vegetables I had to find somewhere that wasn’t too much of an inconvenience to get to or it would start to seem like a chore.

Enter, the internet. Oh how I love the internet. I did a lot of research over one weekend and eventually decided to try out Home fresh organics.

Want to know what I thought? Read on for my Homefresh organics review.

Their prices were the most reasonable and I loved the story behind the business. It was started by husband and wife Johan and Samantha Gelderblom.

I especially like this sentence ‘They hope that the quality of HomeFresh produce excites customers about cooking at home and eating their way to a long and healthy life.’

They started out as an organic milk delivery service back in 2002 and now deliver fresh produce to more than 900 homes every week.

My first organic delivery
My first organic order (not a set box)

Basically, the market now comes to me. For my first time I started small and ordered just a regular mixed box of fruit and vege for $37 (plus a flat rate $7.70 delivery) and a couple of extra things to get it to the minimum order of $50.

I went with regular to start with so I could suss out the quality and service. I was impressed. Deliveries come packed in large recycled styrofoam boxes so it’s no problem if you’re not going to be home. They’re recycled and recyclable.

I was so impressed with box number one, the next week I ordered a mixed organic box. For $54 I think I got more than I would have gotten for the same price at the markets.

The quality was fantastic and the flavour of everything was just wonderful.

Since then I’ve made up my own orders because we just can’t get through a whole box but you can substitute things you don’t want as well.

If you get your order in before 4pm Monday to Thursday your delivery will arrive the next day. I’m rather getting to like doing the shopping while watching TV.

All their produce is sourced from as locally as possible like eggs from Organic Eggs, dairy from Barambah and meat from The Meat-ing Place. If they can’t source a product themselves then they find it through organic wholesaler United Organics.

Organic kale chips
Organic kale chips

I think I’ve had four deliveries so far and in my third I finally bit the bullet and bought some kale to make kale chips.

I hadn’t been keen to pay the $3.50 price tag at the markets but from Home fresh it was $3.49 for organic and the bunch was twice the size. I think it’s going to be a staple in my shopping cart.

Plus, even when I forgot about it and it sat in the bottom of the fridge for a week, it was still perfectly fresh.

Everything seems to last a lot longer.


Being able to have Baramah delivered to my door is a little bit dangerous but wonderful at the same time.

If you’re wondering what happens if something arrives and it’s not quite up to scratch – sadly my milk leaked last week – don’t worry it will be replaced gladly with no fuss.

I rang them up and the lady was most apologetic (I didn’t mind, no sense crying over spillt milk right) and had another bottle out to me the next day.

Apart from one lemon that was a bit rotten on the inside, which I wouldn’t have known if I’d hand-picked it myself until I sliced into it, everything has been top quality.

You can also decide how much packaging you want to have. I forgot on my most recent order but other times I’ve asked for as little as possible.

That basically means that everything is packed together so something might get a little bruise but I prefer it to lots of plastic.

Mushies for lunch
Mushies for lunch

This week I also ordered some organic chicken breast and beef sausages. You know when you buy chicken breast and you’re preparing it you have to throw out quite a portion by the time you cut out all the fat and dirty bloody bits? Well that’s wasn’t the case.

Although it cost me $34, I got 7 chicken fillets and hardly had to throw out a scrap. I know that’s not cheap but I’m happy not to be eating any added nasties and that the chickens had a nice life outside in the sunshine.

I’d much rather eat less meat if it’s good quality than more, less expensive and lesser quality meat.

For $18 I got 17 juicy and beefy (as opposed to horsey) organic sausages. Cold things come packed with ice so again, if you’re not home it’s no problem unlike supermarket deliveries where you have to be at home.

Smoothie fruit
Smoothie fruit

The other thing I noticed with organic fruit is that it has so many more seeds than non-organic. The kiwi fruit are almost bursting and the passionfruit are so full I only have half in my smoothies each morning.

I think I’ve pointed out just about everything that I love. Oh you can also get other groceries like tinned food, cleaning supplies and health and beauty product. It’s a one-stop-shop!

I haven’t been paid or asked to promote Home fresh organics, nor do I have any connection to them other than as a customer, I just wanted to share because I think it’s a great business and I know some people are hesitant to try delivery services. I say take the plunge!I

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