Hole-in-one golf cake

Aside from the decapitated head cake that was requested of me for a certain someone’s Birthday party, I also needed a cake for him to have on the actual day.

Golf seems to be quite high on the priority list at the moment so a golf cake was the obvious choice.

This cake was very easy to make but I think (if I don’t say so myself) it looks rather professional.

Ring cake

Make your favourite cake in a ring tin and whip up some green icing.

The best ever chocolate mud cake is always our go-to for special occasions.

I used two tablespoons of butter whipped with icing sugar and green food colouring.

I also used a bit of milk to soften it.

Spoon the green icing into a piping bag with a star nozzle attached.

Starting from the middle, pipe little tufts of grass in circles.

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I think it’s best to do full circles rather than do one side then the other.

It might end up uneven otherwise.

Grassy green

Ready for the ball

Now it’s time to make the golf ball.

I used one box of store-bought marzipan and rolled it into a ball.

With the end of a knife, I made small indents to make it more realistic.

I drew his star sign symbol on one side of the ball with writing icing and a Nike tick on the other side and voila!

Hole-in-one golf cake

I love making novelty cakes.

So far I’ve made a wine champagne glass, a piece of male anatomy (for a hen’s party), a ’21’ and a decapitated head.

What novelty cakes have you made?