9 healthy lunchbox muffin recipes for kids of all ages.

Nutritious, delicious & some allergy friendly (plus they all freeze!).

9 healthy lunchbox muffin recipes for kids

Healthy lunchbox muffin recipes

I’m going to admit, this first year of packing lunchboxes has been a big of a challenge for me.

I love my lunchboxes to be healthy, low in packaging waste (I had to change that from waste because I can’t actually control what the kids will eat from what I pack) and easy to prepare.

My big boy is not exactly the most diverse eater so I have gotten a little bit stuck in that once I find a thing that he likes, I stick at it a little too long.

One thing that has been a continuous success in his lunchbox is muffins.

9 healthy lunchbox muffin recipes for kids

Why I love muffins in lunchboxes

I love muffins for school lunchboxes for a few reasons but number one is probably that you can make them in advance and in bulk and freeze them.

A friend gave me the tip of always baking double batches so one lot can go straight in the freezer and I’ve been doing that all year for my hungry little eaters.

Muffins are also zero-waste if you don’t use wrappers. I cook mine in silicone baking tins then freeze them in containers and pop them straight into our YumBox lunchboxes to thaw by afternoon tea time.

What I also love about muffins is that you can hide some serious goodness in them. I have managed to sneak in carrot, apple, banana, spinach (yes spinach!) and sweet potato into muffins for my fussy one and not once has he balked at them.

The spinach muffins are actually the most requested on rotation so I’ll need to get that healthy muffin recipe up here asap.

Here are 9 of my healthy lunchbox muffin recipes (we often have them for breakfast and afternoon tea too):

9 Healthy lunchbox muffin recipes

Banana blueberry and oat muffins

These muffins are quick and easy to make with the goodness of oats to help the little ones feel fuller for longer.

You can vary the flour to suit different diets.


Banana blueberry muffins

These little baby banana blueberry muffins are perfect for kindy or school lunchboxes with delicious little bursts of blueberries.


Carrot corn and cheddar muffins

These are a great muffin to keep in the freezer for quick and easy lunches. They taste delicious at room temperature but for an extra special touch, try warming them up and serving spread with butter.


Carrot, apple and banana muffins

These are one of my favourite muffins both for taste and the goodness you can hide in these babies.

They have carrot, apple and banana and the best part is you can make the batter entirely in the Thermomix or food processor so they're really quick and easy to whip up.


Gluten free chocolate chip muffins

Gluten free chocolate chip muffins are my go-to recipe when I feel like a chocolate treat.

Made on almond meal they're nice and filling with an extra protein boost but unfortunately they're no good if you have a nut-free school. You can leave the chocolate chips out (I usually forget them anyway) to make them dairy free.


Whole food apple muffins

Whole food apple muffins - the perfect, healthy, easy and quick lunchbox snack and they kids would never know they're made with fruit puree.


Blueberry and oat muffins (gluten & dairy free)

I like to think of these as baked porridge muffins. Again the oats give a nice burst of sustained energy and the blueberries some added antioxidants.


Savoury ham cheese and corn muffins

Savoury ham cheese and corn muffins were created when I had nothing to serve the kids for lunch one day and quickly became a family favourite.

I will say these are best warm so you could heat one up and pop it in a thermo-food saver. But having said that, my kids eat them at room temperature or straight from the fridge too.


Paleo banana cupcakes

Ok so these aren't technically a muffin but they're a super-cute lunchbox treat and look very indulgent despite being pretty healthy.

You might not get away with the healthy icing so could always leave it off but I think it looks pretty adorable.