If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know that Australia Day is not just important around here for all the regular Aussie reasons. It is one of the most important days of the year because it is my grandma Guppy’s Birthday and this year her 97th.

This photo was taken just before Christmas. Guppy is one of the most amazing women you could ever meet. At 97 she still lives on her own and is almost totally independent.

She knows everything about everything and during the football season tells me off at least once for not knowing more about the sport my husband loves so much. Whenever she sees Will she always has some recent golf information to talk about or knows about the share prices of some company Will is interested in.

Yes she might forget things or get a bit confused at times but not all that much more than I do. If her body was working like it was a couple of decades ago she’d be unstoppable.


Whenever she goes out she is always immaculately dressed with matching jewellery, shoes and bag. She knows everyone’s Birthday and always has presents ready and wrapped at least a month in advance. Just last Christmas she handmade all the gift tags because she couldn’t find any she likes (see where I get it from?). She even shocked the woman in the bank the other day when she worked out the difference in interest between two accounts faster than the girl behind the counter could type it into her calculator.

In short, Guppy is amazing and I, like my 6 cousins and my sister am very very lucky to be able to call her my grandma and 12 little ones are lucky to call her their great-grandma.

Happy happy Birthday Guppy!


p.s. yes I made the Birthday cake. Stay tuned.

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