Should I buy a Thermomix? If you’re asking yourself the same question, here is why I absolutely love mine and am happy I parted with the moolah.

Should I buy a thermomix

Should I buy a thermomix

Should I buy a Thermomix?

It’s a question I have been asked quite a few times since the Thermomix came to live at our house.

I had heard about them on and off for a few years and always passed it off as an overpriced con.

It’s how a lot of people still view them but not me – I’ve joined the Thermomix Cult.

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Who really needs to spend $2000 on a piece of kitchen equipment especially someone like me who owns every machine under the sun?

Well no-one really.

But if you’re contemplating it, this is why I love mine so much it comes on holidays with us.

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1 – It saves time

I know everyone says this but it really does.

I love that I can put dinner in it and while it’s cooking I can be tidying up, folding washing, emptying the dishwasher – basically it lets you multitask.

I can whip up baked goods in next to no time – from afternoon tea to a quick baked present and make a last-minute emergency Birthday cake with no trouble at all.

I have also adapted heaps of my weekly recipes so I can throw them in the Thermomix.

It makes a really good spag bol and pizza dough is ready in 2.5 minutes for Sunday night pizza.

2 – It goes in the dishwasher/ is easy to clean

This is a big bonus around here because I do so much cooking, I am not big on washing up.

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3 – It saves bench space

Yes I know it’s adding to it but you can get rid of your food processor and stick blender as well as your steamer (if you have one) and apparently it can even act as a steriliser.

4 – It encourages you to make things from scratch

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been out of something like pizza sauce and thought ‘oh no problem, I’ll just whip some up in the Thermomix.’

Before I probably would have gone out and bought some.

Yes you need to have a basic supply of ingredients but then you’re all set.

Mayo? Easy peasy.

Rice flour? Ready in a couple of minutes and how about almond meal in 30 seconds?

Yep so simple.

It actually makes me less lazy.

The other morning I felt like berry coulis on my oats.

The effort of making it would have outweighed my want BT (before Thermomix) but all I did was throw in some frozen berries, set it for 2.5 minutes and by the time I had my oats ready, the couli was ready too.

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Some other things I love about it

  • Apparently you can weigh a baby in it. Please be advised I have not tried it and I cannot recommend it. I am however going to see how many bags of flour I can stack on top before I get the error message.
  • You can boil eggs in it and cook rice.
    • These are super simple things I know but what I love is that when the time is up, it stops cooking and beeps a maddening beep until you come and turn it off. Not like the stove that keeps on bubbling away until there’s nothing left to do but turn the bottom of the saucepan black. Another great feature for people like me who get distracted easily.
  • You can re-heat food without using the microwave.
    • The lady who did my demo told me she’d gotten rid of her microwave since getting her Thermi. While I still use mine for a few things, I use the Thermomix for all Ollie’s food and a lot of ours – you know all those bad things you hear about microwaves – they have stuck in my head.
    • It also makes really tasty steamed veges and chicken.
  • Risotto. I know everyone says it makes amazing risotto but I will agree too. It’s really good and you don’t have to stir or really put in any more effort than chopping your meat and peeling an onion.
  • It weighs stuff. You don’t have to weigh stuff out into a separate bowl (which you then have to clean) and then tip it in. You just measure it straight into the Thermi bowl.
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  • Makes baby food making a breeze. You can cook three different veggies or fruits at once then just tip them into the bowl below to puree.

Now it wouldn’t be a balanced review without the cons –

One reason I was a bit anti-Thermo was that I didn’t want the kids growing up thinking that cooking was just throwing things in a machine and pressing buttons.

I got one anyway and I am making a special effort to show them & teach them when I cook things other ways.

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The price.

Obviously $2000 is a big chunk of money.

You could buy a lot with $2000.

If you’re interested but not sure about the investment, I say go to a demo, go home and write down any and every question you can imagine, go to another demo and get all those questions answered then weigh it up (don’t forget to take off the price of all the things you can sell on Gumtree because you wont need them anymore).

Should I buy a thermomix

I have made a lot of things in the Thermomix since it arrived in our house.

In fact I’d say I used it more than 500 times in the first 7 months (we’re down to $2 a use!).

These are some of my most recent Thermomix recipes. 

I hope this gave you a bit of insight if you’re considering it.

Feel free to ask me any questions at all.

What about you? Do you have one? Do you love it? Are you considering getting one?

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