Banana bread bliss balls are a healthier, more nutritious take on banana bread (like a protein ball) perfect for a healthy snack or lunchboxes.

Banana bread bliss balls for lunchboxes and snacks

Banana bread bliss balls

Banana bread bliss balls were born, like most of my recipes, out of desperation to find a new recipe that my older son will eat.

He loves these organic banana bread bars that I buy at the supermarket but at more than one dollar each, they’re not the most affordable option out there.

Plus I really do my best to avoid individually packaged items because I try to create as little waste in our house as possible. So my mission was to recreated the bars he often requests for afternoon tea.

Banana bread bliss balls for lunchboxes and snacks

I thought that reading the back of the box and basically throwing the same ingredients in the food processor, balancing it out until it tasted – so I thought – rather perfect, would do the trick.

Unfortunately, while the little guy and I both loved them, the big man wasn’t so keen.

I even made him some not rolled in coconut because I couldn’t remember what the latest was on whether he liked a coconut dusting or not.

The things we mums have to remember! Send help when I have to store the fickle dietary preferences of three children (and a husband) in my head!

I think my mistake was that I made them a little too close to school pickup time so they hadn’t had time to fully firm up. I’ll admit they were much tastier nice and cold.

You can also store them in the freezer then just pop one in a lunchbox in the morning ready for a day of adventure or school.

Banana bread bliss balls for lunchboxes and snacks

Not keen on rolling bliss balls?

If you don’t like to roll bliss balls (or can’t be bothered), firstly, good for you. Sometimes I can’t be bothered either. That’s how I came up with this little hack for making bliss balls in 30 seconds.

I’ll give you a hint, it will make more of a banana bread bar than a ball but they still taste just as good. Maybe if I’d made them more like that the first time they would have been a greater success?

Can’t have nuts?

If you can’t have nuts in your home or lunchbox then just use the same weight of sunflower seeds.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

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Banana bread bliss balls for lunchboxes and snacks. Refined sugar free, healthy protein balls that can be frozen. #banana #bananabread #blissball #coconut
Banana bread bliss balls for lunchboxes and snacks. Refined sugar free, healthy protein balls that can be frozen. #banana #bananabread #blissball #coconut

Banana bread bliss balls

Yield: 15 balls
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes


  • 50g fresh banana (about 1 small banana)
  • 10 dried dates (about 80g)
  • 50g cashews
  • 40g rolled oats
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 60g dedicated coconut (+ extra for dusting if desired)


  1. Throw all the ingredients in a food processor or Thermomix and process on high until combined.
  2. Using a level tablespoon of mixture at a time, roll into balls then roll in extra coconut if desired.
  3. Store in the fridge or freezer.


If you like a smoother texture to the balls, process the nuts, oats and coconut until fine and then set aside.

Process the banana and dates until smooth then add the remaining ingredients and mix it all together.

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