A recent trip to The Great Barrier Reef made me reflect on some pretty big life lessons so today I’m sharing 5 Life lessons from The Great Barrier Reef.

5 life lessons from the great barrier reef

5 Life lessons from The Great Barrier Reef

1 Nature is incredible

Seriously it was pretty humbling to swim with a giant manta-ray, see a shark a few meters below me, watch a giant clam and admire all the fish in their brilliant colours just going about their little fish lives and how the coral grows in all different ways and knows just what to do when.⠀

2 Care more

We need to get our heads out of the sand and start caring more about the environment.

I don’t want my boys and my grand babies to miss out on seeing the magnificence of the reef just because we couldn’t be bothered making an effort to ditch the sh1t that’s doing so much damage (in our cleaning, our skincare our medicines and our agriculture), say no to plastic bags and all the other plastic we use just for ‘convenience’ (yep I’m guilty too!). It’s not just hurting the coral it’s hurting us.⠀

3 The power of ‘just being.’

I can’t even begin to describe how nice it was just floating around watching the reef life. I wonder what would happen if we all took a moment every day to just have some time out and observe all the awesomeness around us?⠀

4 The moon and energy are incredible

I don’t know how I didn’t know but coral spawn (basically mate) once a year around the lunar cycle close to the full moon at the end of November when the temperature is just right. They ALL do it together. How incredible is that?!? .

5 No one looks good in googles and a snorkel 😂

It’s made me even more passionate about helping people to simplify life, to make things easy and ‘clean’ and stress free so we can enjoy life more and have more time for the most important things (and make a better future for our babies and grandbabies). ⠀




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