Learn how to make $650 from one email to one person and stop working for ‘exposure’ which doesn’t generate income and pay the bills!

How to make $650 from one email to one person through sponsorship

How to make $650 with ONE email to ONE person.

I can remember about 6 and a half years ago now, that first email. The first one that got me excited. I felt like I’d finally ‘made it.’ Someone wanted to send me their product.


They wanted little old me to try their product and give it a shout out.

Would I do it?

Um… yes I’d love to!

In return, I’d get ‘exposure.’ Oooh that’s just what I needed. I was new. I was just starting out. I didn’t have this elusive ‘exposure’ and I wanted it. So I said yes.

I received the delivery and opened it as excited as a kid at Christmas.

I tried it out.

I took photos.

I edited the photos.

I wrote a blog post. Then edited it. Then checked it and edited it again.

I posted it (back then I didn’t have a Facebook page or I would have shared it).

All up it took me a couple of hours.

What did I get in return for those few hours of work?


You can't pay bills with exposure

But it turns out I can’t pay the bills with exposure. Who’d a thunk it right?

I get it though. You’re new to the whole blogging business. Someone offers you something FOR FREE and all you have to do is write about it. It’s flattering. But… at the end of the day. You’re working for free.

If you’re happy with that then go for it but personally, I have just 3 days to work and I want to spend those days doing things that are going to make an income for my family not for someone else.

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I now have a rule.

I don’t work for free. Unless there is someone I really want to help out but that’s a different story.

It’s not just being selfish or money-hungry. I am away from my family to create something for us. Promoting someone’s business just because they don’t want to pay me – not something I want to spend time away from my family to do!

Recently I got one of those emails that went something like:

Dear Claire,

I love your website. I especially liked your recently post X for XYZ reasons.

My client (or I) have this awesome thing we’d love to send you in return for a blog post.

Are you interested?

Signing out – PR Agency rep

My first rule is if they don’t address me by name, as in haven’t even taken the time to find my name (not hard on my site!) then I don’t even have time to read their email and I hit delete.

In this case, it was a legitimate email from a good company that I would like to work with so I replied.

I sent through some package options for what I could do for them to promote their client’s product and what my rates for those packages were.

It made me $650.

If you’d like to see exactly what those package options were, pop your details in here and I’ll send them through.

For details on the exact emails I sent, what I did for the campaign and how I created a very well-received report (most people neglect this step) for the client following the campaign, head to Blog Business School.

How to make $650 from one email to one person