Kiddies game to go

Just 10 more sleeps until we hear the jingle of Santa’s bells and the clatter of reindeer hooves on our roof tops. I don’t know about you but I’m rather like a kid at Christmas despite my 26 years. I still wake up at the crack of dawn eager to see what Santa has brought. Like a little kid, I’m often completely pooped at the end of the day and wake up the next day with the sad thought of ‘a whole year until Christmas.’

Beanbag toss

Yes Christmas is my favourite holiday (except my Birthday which counts as a holiday in my calendar). As much as I love receiving gifts I also seriously enjoy giving them. This year I’ve been rather crafty and baked or sewed a lot of the presents under the tree. After seeking inspiration on Pinterest, I created this cute little travel game to keep the kids entertained. To play the game all you need to do is lay out the plates, stand back and toss the beanbags to land on the highest score. It’s light-weight and packs up into a cute little bag making it perfect for the holidays.

The 'ingredients'

To make it you will need:

  • 40cm of fabric that is at least 120cm wide
  • 4 plastic plates
  • a marker pen
  • dry rice or wheat
  • 1m of ribbon or twine
  • a sewing machine
  • pins
  • scissors
  • some sort of funnel to fill the beanbags (I used a piece of paper)

Sewing the bag

To make the bag, lay one of the plates on top of the fabric to see how wide it needs to be. Fold it over right sides together so you have at least double the width of the plate. Cut the excess fabric off the side and pin the sides together leaving about 2.5″ at the top which is where you will fold it over to form the casing for the tie.

Stitch the bag where you have pinned it. Make sure the stitching is at least 1cm (0.5″) away from the side of the fabric.

Cutting the side

2.5″ from the top of the bag, just above where you started sewing, make an incision that ends in line with the stitching. Fold the sides back and iron them.


Stitch them into place.

Fabric squares

Cut the remaining fabric into 12 equal squares.

Time for stitching

Pin two squares right side together and stitch a circle around the outside of each one leaving an opening big enough to fit whatever you are going to use as a funnel.

Stitched up

Time to be filled

Turn the bags right-side out.


Fill the bags with whatever you are using as filling and stitch the openings shut. Make sure you stitch them really well.

Making the tube for the tie

To make the tube for the tie, fold the top of the bag down to where you made the incision at the side and iron it in place. Stitch along the bottom all the way around.

Tied up

Feed a piece of ribbon through the tubing twice so that it forms a tie.

Ready to go

Decorate your plates as you like, I numbered mine. Pack it up and you’re good to go. I also laminated a little sheet of instructions and popped that in the bag too.

Beanbag toss

What about you, have you made any of your Christmas gifts this year?

Beanbag toss

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see if you have won a prize in the Claire K Creations Christmas giveaway.

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