We all get it right? You sit down at your laptop ready and rearing to get stuck into writing and then… 20 minutes later you’re still staring at a blank screen. Been there! Today I’m sharing 7 ideas to overcome bloggers block so you don’t have to stare at a blank screen ever again.

7 ideas to overcome bloggers block

7 ideas to overcome bloggers block

1 Use your hands

Not for writing – use your hands to do something creative. You don’t have to have any type of skills but you need to do something that uses both hands and activates that side of the brain. I’ve tried:

  • playing the kids’ ukelele
  • painting
  • cooking (kneading dough is great)
  • drawing
  • repotting plants

It really doesn’t matter what you do but we want to turn off that left side of your brain and activate the right side to get the ideas flowing again.

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2 Get outside

Nothing beats bloggers block better than getting some fresh air. Get outside, get your face in the sun and extra points if you can get your bare feet on some grass.

3 100 ideas

This one can seem a bit backward if you’re stuck for ideas but it does work wonders. Maybe do one of the above first then grab a piece of paper, number it 1-100 and sit down and write out 100 ideas. You can’t stop until you get to 100 and no idea is silly or deemed unworthy of the list.

It will get a bit tricky around 30 but push through. The key is to do it all in one sitting to activate a deeper part of your brain that might have some brilliant ideas. When you get towards the end, don’t worry about checking if something is already on the list, just write it down anyway.

4 Facebook groups

If you’re in any Facebook groups where your target market hangs out, have a scroll through and see if there are any questions that you have the answer to that you could flesh out in a blog post. If one person has a question/problem I’m sure they’re not the only one. Bonus points for going back and replying with – I made a blog post about this for you.

5 Questions

What questions do people ask you all the time? Flesh it out in a blog post.

6 Think about yourself

Yep time to get selfish here. What do you do every day that’s easy that your target audience might like to learn more about. My blog post about removing the labels from glass jars is still a hit years later – it’s something I do easily but might frustrate others.

7 Change location

Sometimes moving your ‘desk’ to a new location can be all you need to get the ideas flowing, head outside, to a cafe, to a friend’s house and get back into it.

I hope one of these 7 ideas to overcome bloggers block helps you.

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