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Learn how to make simple, natural swaps in your home to save money, and improve your family’s health (in less than 5 minutes a week). 

We all want the best for our families. 

We think we’re doing the right thing by cleaning the house top to toe with antibacterial, hard-core cleaners to stop the germs spreading, – but are we??

The anti-bacterial hand wash we lecture our kids to use every day helps keep them healthy. Doesn’t it??

The only way to get stains out is to use hard-core washing detergent (better get scented so the clothes smell nice too right?)??

We assume that because it’s on the supermarket shelf it must be safe.

Unfortunately, the truth is, the large majority of these products contain chemical ingredients that are negatively affecting our health.


For Claire, it was her PCOS diagnosis and constant dull headaches that triggered her to investigate the chemicals in every day products and for Kylie, it was her post-natal acne. 

We used to think that making our own household products would be way too hard.

Surely homemade cleaning products wouldn’t clean like the ‘real’ (read: chemical-filled) stuff?

Surely our skin wouldn’t look and feel as good if we didn’t’ use the products promoted to us on TV?

Surely our clothes would never be stain free without that pink tub of white and blue powder?

It would take too long to make them anyway, plus it’d be expensive using all those fancy ingredients.

Wouldn’t it?




 When Claire first started she spent hours and hours searching for products that were tox-free and didn’t break the bank. It was hard and painful and expensive so she started making her own.

First it was just cleaning products. Now she makes all her own skin care, body products, room spray… the list goes on (all with three kids, a husband and a business to manage).

Kylie started out with making her own skincare products when the expensive ‘anti-acne’ stuff wasn’t working and after such success moved on to begin replacing store bought items like cleaning products with homemade, non-toxic versions. 

 Between us, we’ve done all the work for you. All the research, experiments and trials (and spent all the money) so now you can just jump straight in to the easy bit – a low-tox home.

We promise it’s simple, quick and inexpensive.

Over 4 weeks we’ll take you through your kitchen, laundry, cleaning products and self-care items and give you easy and effective replacements.

We’re totally realistic though – some things are just too tedious or time consuming to make so we’ll also share our fav low-tox products that are available online or in stores and won’t cost you the earth.

We’ve managed to secure some exclusive discounts for you too.


“I decided to enrol as a way to do something positive for my health and the environment. The course setup fits my busy schedule perfectly and Kylie and Claire give the best support.

It was surprising how easy it is to make your own low tox products and how effective they are. I highly recommend this course!’


Moving towards a more natural household easily and affordably.

We’ll help you to reduce pesticides in your food, find affordable organic options, decrease waste, reduce plastic usage to decrease the toxic load in your families’ bodies with simple, quick swaps you can make right away (not DIY products just easy, inexpensive ideas).

(valued at $49)

It’s not hard.

It’s not expensive (it’s less expensive!).

It doesn’t take long (less than 5 minutes a week).

It works just as well (without the nasties!).


Claire Cameron

After being diagnosed with PCOS in 2013 and told she wouldn’t fall pregnant without medical help, Claire slowly decluttered her home and life of toxins and swapped to natural solutions. 

Today she has two sons & a little girl (and didn’t need medical help). 

She is the owner of Claire K Creations where she simplifies natural, healthy living for busy families for less stress and better health.

She also shares her simple, delicious, easy whole food, family-friendly recipes.



Kylie Ryan

Mum of three, primary school teacher & health & wellness enthusiast Kylie has always been health-conscious but until having children, she wasn’t aware of all the ways to care for her health and wellbeing outside of food and exercise.

When Kylie’s developed post-natal acne after her second child was born she knew there had to be something better than the expensive products that weren’t really doing anything but cover the problem.

She slowly learnt how to incorporate natural solutions into her home and began swapping toxic products out with homemade versions using things from around the house.

Today her skin is brilliant and she loves being confident that her home is tox-free without sacrificing family time to spend hours on end making natural products.


Kylie’s biggest why…

Facebook group

Join a community of women looking to improve their family’s health.

Kylie and Claire will be live in the group throughout the course to guide you, answer questions and cheer you along. 

You might be thinking…

It’s going to take too long – we promise it won’t. Between us, we have five little kids at home, work & don’t have full-time nannies or chefs. Making your own cleaning products (and skincare products) can take as little as 20 minutes a month.

It’s too hard. If I can buy it in the shops then it must be hard to make it at home right? It’s really not. As we said, it’s simple and the ingredients are all easy to come by. We’ll only be sharing recipes that are mum-friendly so that you can make them without adding to your stress levels. 

Homemade doesn’t work as well – well you’ll just have to try it and then you’ll believe us when we say it all works just as well (if not better). Or check out the post in the Facebook group above.

The ingredients are expensive – they don’t have to be. You can get started for as little as $2 and replace two of the most commonly-used chemical cleaners in your home. Some ingredients require a small outlay initially but you use so little of it in each batch, it works out very inexpensive in the long run so you actually end up saving money.

I won’t get my husband/partner on board
 – don’t worry, we have a few tricks to help with this one and we’ll share them so that you can make the transition as husband-proof as possible.

I’m really busy, what if I can’t keep up with the course pace? – we’ll give you a full 8 weeks from when you start (the Monday after you enrol) to get through the course and the materials/recipe books are downloadable so you’ll have plenty of time.  

I don’t own essential oils, will I need them to make the recipes? Not at all. While we are essential oil lovers, we have designed this course for people who don’t yet use them and when they’re included in recipes, they are optional. 

Course Outline

Would you believe you don’t need that crazy oven cleaning ‘bomb’ to clean your oven? Stainless steel cleaner … don’t need that either. 

All those toxic-smelling products are on their way out and we’re going to show you some very simple and effective recipes to replace everything in your kitchen from that good old blue bench spray to your dishwasher rinse aid. 

The kitchen is where a lot of toxins sneakily make their way into our mouths so let’s change that. 


Are we so frightened of things like mould and grime in the bathroom that we assume the only solution to keep it at bay is the highly toxic supermarket chemicals that are also wreaking havoc on our endocrine system?

Let us show you how we keep our bathrooms and toilets sparkly clean without any of the nasties and at a fraction of the cost. 

We all want laundry products that clean our clothes well and remove stains effectively.

We have tried and tested many natural products and can’t wait to show you our favourites that have saved us hundreds of dollars each year while doing the same job as the usual supermarket buys. 

When it comes to our self-care products we all generally have the same criteria; works, smells nice and makes us feel good.

Let us show you how to pamper yourself using beautiful products that don’t cost the earth, don’t interrupt the incredible hormonal balance our body is working hard to create and actually work! 

“I have recently undertaken the Low Tox Living online course and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to reduce unnescesary toxins from daily life. Claire and Kylie have made it very easy to understand the basics and after watching the tutorials, I am confident that I can make my own household cleaning products that are tox-free!”



Natural makeup for busy mums

Makeup is something most of us use every day but did you know it could be harming your health. In this exclusive mini-training, learn the top three toxins to avoid in conventional makeup as well as the number one product to start with when making your switch to natural makeup. 

Hosted by QLD makeup artist of the year 2018, Amanda Ramsay.  

(valued at $39)

Money back guarantee

We just want to help you make a positive difference to your health. If, in the first two weeks of the course you aren’t 100% happy, we’ll refund your full investment. All we ask is that you give at least one recipe a try before leaving the course. 


Exclusive discounts

We have teamed up with some of our favourite low-tox suppliers to give you exclusive discounts to get you started. 

Whether you want to start making the switch to natural options:

  • to help with skin irritations OR
  • to stop getting a headache when you’re cleaning OR
  • to maybe get those hormones moving towards balance OR
  • to boost your family’s immune systems OR
  • to save money 

OR all of the above reasons (or something else entirely), we would love to welcome you into the program.

What have you got to lose?

Except maybe a few niggling health issues?



Low Tox Kitchen ($29)

Low Tox Bathroom ($29)

Low Tox Laundry ($29)

Low Tox Self/skincare ($29)

BONUS #1 – Natural household ($49)

BONUS #2 – Natural makeup for busy mums ($39)

BONUS #3 – Exclusive discounts

= $204 value


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