Bread Baking 101

Learn how to make your own bread to save money, reduce preservatives & additives & improve your family’s health (in way less time than you think). 

No bread maker or special equipment required!

Now with BONUS Sourdough course.

We all want the best for our families. 

We think we’re doing the right thing by buying the bread with the ‘added calcium’ or the ‘Low GI’ but are we?

The added iron helps them grow. Doesn’t it??

4.5 stars means it’s good for us yes? 

We assume that because it’s on the supermarket shelf and the packet uses words like ‘delicious goodness’ and ‘added vitamins & minerals’ it must be safe & good for us…

Unfortunately, the truth is, the large majority of supermarket breads (and some bakery breads) contain chemically-derived ingredients, additives & preservatives that are negatively affecting our health AND we’re paying for the privilege.  


Do you think people who make their own bread are some sort of super-chefs?

Surely something that nearly everyone buys must be really hard to make at home?


Well actually – you can make your own bread at home, even if you have never baked before.

You can make bakery-quality bread at home, even if you’ve baked a few door-stops in your time.

You can make your own bread even if you have a toddler hanging off your leg.  

 I’ve done all the work for you. All the research, experiments and trials (and spent all the money) so now you can just jump straight in to the easy bit – enjoying your own homemade bread.

I promise it’s simple, quick and inexpensive.

Surely homemade bread can’t taste as good as the ‘real’ (read: supermarket nasty-filled) stuff?

Surely the kids won’t eat the bread if we make it ourselves?

It will take too long to make my own bread anyway, plus it’ll be expensive buying all the ingredients and I don’t have time to hunt around for them.

Over 4 weeks I’ll take you through everything you need to know to make your own bread. 

What ingredients, you need, where to get them, basic, simple techniques, how to store your bread and how to revive it if it goes a little stale (we don’t want to waste bread!). 

“I just want to tell you that a few years ago I did a City and Guilds course (don’t know if you have that in Australia) in professional cookery.

It was a two year course, and it was great, but your demonstration videos are SO much better and easier to follow than my tutorials on the course.

I am thoroughly enjoying the bread I have made so far and it has all turned out really well. I could never master it on my other course. Thank you Claire!”

Sourdough 101

I’m going to take you through how to make your own sourdough bread as well as teach you the benefits of this type of bread over regular bread.

(valued at $49)

It’s not hard.

It’s not expensive (it’s less expensive!).

It doesn’t take long.

It tastes just as good (without the nasties!) – actually it tastes even better! 


Claire Cameron

After being diagnosed with PCOS in 2013 and told she wouldn’t fall pregnant without medical help, Claire slowly decluttered her home, diet and life of toxins and swapped to natural solutions. 

Today she has two sons and a daughter (and didn’t need medical help). 

She is the owner of Claire K Creations where she simplifies natural, healthy living for busy families for less stress and better health & co-owner of The Natural Life Academy.

She also shares her simple, delicious, easy whole food, family-friendly recipes.



You might be thinking…

Making bread is too time consuming – I promise it’s not. I have 3 kids and it’s really not a tricky thing to add. Yes all up bread can take a couple of hours but the hands-on work is only about 10 minutes – the rest you can be doing whatever else you like.

It’s too hard. If I can buy it in the shops then it must be hard to make it at home right? It’s really not. As I said, it’s simple and the ingredients are all easy to come by (you can get them in the supermarket). I’ll only be sharing recipes that are mum-friendly so that you can make them without adding to your stress levels. 

Homemade doesn’t taste as good – I can’t help too much if you think this other than to say, you just have to try it. There really is nothing better. The smell it fills your house with is pretty incredible too. 

The ingredients are expensive – Nope not at all. It’s actually less expensive to make your own bread and I’ll give you tips on making it as cost-effective as possible.

I won’t get my husband/partner on board
 – don’t worry, as soon as they try your first homemade loaf you’ll have them hooked.

I’m really busy, what if I can’t keep up with the course pace? – when you enrol in Bread Baking 101 you’ll have lifetime access so you can master each type of bread in your own time before moving on to the next.

My family can’t have gluten. Do you have gluten-free recipes? – If you are celiac then this course isn’t for you as I don’t teach how to make gluten-free bread. Sourdough however, can be tolerated by some people with gluten intolerance due to the fermentation process breaking down the gluten. 

Student Creations

Course Outline

I’ll run you through how to make the most of this course and again why making your own bread is so good for your health. 

It’s also really calming and a great activity for kids not to mention a good life skill. 


Let me take you through the equipment and  ingredients you’ll need to make your own bread and where the best places are to get them. 

Just to emphasise, you don’t need any special equipment. If you have a bowl, you can make bread. 


I think that one of the biggest causes of a failed loaf of bread is not having the right technique. I’ve got your back! I’ve been making my own bread for about 10 years now and have mastered the easiest techniques to maximise your successful bread baking.

I’ll also take you through how to store your bread to keep it fresh and how to revive it if it goes a little stale because we don’t want to waste any of that amazing bread. 


In week four we get stuck into the recipes. I’ve put together 4 different types of bread that I think cover you for most of your bread-eating needs. 

– Pizza bases – we make these every Sunday for Sunday night pizza (and have been for about 7 years). They’re a great, simple place to start and so very variable. 

– Hot dog rolls/burger buns – another good one for the weekend or a good roll to make for school lunches, fill and freeze for the week ahead. 

– Toast bread – I kid you not the first time I made this loaf all those years ago, we ate the whole thing in one day it was that good. It doesn’t crumble when you spread your toppings and freezes well too. 

– Fancy bread -This is the loaf you want to make when you’re entertaining. You might have a hard time convincing people that you made it yourself so take photos as evidence.


Learn how to make sourdough bread from scratch with your dehydtrated starter. 

Step-by-step sourdough bread instructions as well as tips to take care of your starter and bonus sourdough recipes. 

Whether you want to start making your own bread:

  • to help save money OR
  • to reduce the additives & preservatives your family eats OR
  • to learn a valuable life skill OR
  • to have a new activity to do with the kids

OR all of the above reasons (or something else entirely), I would love to welcome you into the program.

What have you got to lose?


Enrol now for instant access to the program.


Purchase sourdough starter only (with instructions for use – postage worldwide included). 


Please note, the starter does come with written instructions, but if you would like step-by-step video instructions, this is included in the full course.