Halloumi at The 3 Monkeys

Notice anything different? After nearly one year of Claire K Creations, I’ve discovered how much I love blogging and that I want to continue for as long as I can. I thought if I was continuing and serious about Claire K Creations and going to be looking at it every day for quite some time I’d better make it pretty. I enlisted the help of Katie from Dream Up Studios and love the result. Green is my favourite colour, hence the colour scheme and the rest I wanted to keep relatively clean and stream-lined which Katie did perfectly. There were a few teething problems yesterday so sorry if you were trying to view it. If you spot any problems please let me know so I can fix them up asap.

On to today’s post – in the last couple of months I have developed an addiction. Not a terrible addiction, but an addiction nonetheless. My name is Claire and I am addicted to halloumi. To pay homage to my latest obsession I thought I’d try a few different brands (in the name of research) and report back. I have also started ordering it as a side when I’m out, a naughty little habit that I must ditch.

Lemnos haloumi $32.06/kg

The first halloumi on the testing list was Lemnos which I buy at Coles or Woolworths.

Lemnos haloumi

For those of you who aren’t sure, haloumi is a firm, salty cheese that is best eaten grilled and served with lemon. I cook mine in a non-stick pan on the stove until it’s crispy on the outside and soft to touch. I’m unsure whether it’s spelled halloumi or haloumi (the packets were no help – they both spell them differently). I’ve also discovered that it’s actually quite low in fat and calories compared to other types of cheese.

Lemnos haloumi is very tasty and nice and salty which I love but it’s not quite as squeaky as it could be. Squeakyness is what you experience when you bite into the cheese and is a must-have in good haloumi

Olympus halloumi $22.50/kg

Next on the list was Olympus haloumi. I first tried this one at the Cheese Festival and fell in love. I purchase it at my local greengrocer The Clayfield Markets. Per kilogram, it’s much less expensive than the Lemnos purchased at Coles.

Olympus halloumi

It crisps up so nicely on the outside and is soft on the inside with the essential squeak when you bite into it. It’s nice and salty and has a tiny bit of mint in the middle which is another essential in authentic halloumi.

Emporium selection halloumi $19.96/kg

Last up was Emporium Selection halloumi from Aldi. I am a huge fan of Aldi and always give their products a go. There are quite a few things that I think are much better than their brand-name counterparts.

Emporium selection halloumi

The verdict – the Aldi halloumi was super squeaky and extra salty and I think probably had the best flavour. Its only down-fall was the texture. It tended to crumble a little when I cut it. Apart from that it was delicious.

Halloumi at Buzz

The winner is… Olympus halloumi with Emporium Selection coming in a close second. It wins over the Aldi brand only on texture so if you’re after the least expensive brand, you won’t be disappointed with the Aldi option.

The other thing that I like about Olympus is that it’s made right here in Brisbane. You can find out more about the cheese, how it’s made and discover some recipes on the Olympus website. I’m off of find out how I can buy a bucket of it (it keeps for ages – not that it would last long around me).

What about you, do you have any food addictions at the moment?