Eating out at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast instantly makes you feel like you’re on holidays. At most restaurants the food is fresh and locally sourced, the staff are friendly and helpful and the views are pretty spectacular. Ricky’s restaurant on the Noosa river is definitely not an exception to the rule in fact they probably created the rule.

Originally Ricky Ricardos, they’ve been there forever. So long that I have a photo of my parents eating there before they were married and they’re celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary next month.

I’ve eaten there more times than I can remember but for some reason never taken the camera.

Ricky’s (photo from Ricky’s website)

It’s most certainly not because it’s not blog-worthy. Ricky’s is a must-visit on any Noosa itinerary. Let me tell you why…

From the moment you arrive at the door you’re treated by Ricky’s wonderfully friendly staff who lead you to one of their white linen lined tables. Although a big restaurant, it’s not at all noisy. Usually seated in the main part of the dining room when you first walk in, tonight we were lead to a table along a cushioned bench seat – my favourite way to dine.


As usual, I had to ask the waiter what he thought we should order. He gave us his suggested menu and then left me with time to ponder. Even for me, his list was a bit too much food so I settled on a few things from his suggestions and my own main.

French baguette with Charella Dairy goats curd, confit garlic, thyme $10.50

You can’t go past the bread at Ricky’s. I don’t know if they make it in house but it always comes out warm and crunchy like it’s fresh out of the oven. Goat’s curd and confit garlic was a fancier choice than butter but really I just wanted that garlic. I could eat it by the bowl full.

Scallop taramasalata wakame tartlet, flying fish roe $14

Scallops are the chef’s specialty and feature on the Ricky’s homepage so it’s no surprise the waiter told us we must have them. Two plump, perfectly cooked scallops arrived on a little tart shell filled with taramasalata wakame (which I still don’t know what it is) and topped with a finishing touch of flying fish roe.

Instructed to ‘eat it all in one bite’ I did as I was told. It was a flavour explosion of the amazing kind. So so very tasty it was, I would have liked a second one.

El Serpis ancoa stuffed and fried olives, aioli $11

Ricky’s does such perfect food, they even enticed me to eat anchovies which I quite despise. Always a fan of fried feta-stuffed olives, I was disappointed when about a year ago, they were replaced with anchoa olives. The waiter, smooth talker that he was, convinced me that they didn’t taste like anchovies just delicious and so I tried them. They were so good I’ve been ordering them ever since.

Wall of wine

Ricky’s isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a riverfront bar as well which makes it perfect for functions. A wall of wine appropriately divides the two sections.

Chargrilled Grainge eye fillet, potato leet gratin, confit shallot puree, asparagus, olive mangchego butter $43

Will went for the manly eye fillet for main. Admittedly I was kind of hoping he’d order something else so I could have it but I did as a good food blogger does and ordered something else. He was very nice and gave me a taste without me having to distract him and steal it.

Potato and leek gratin is something I have to try at home, boy was it good. I’m sure there was probably a ridiculous amount of butter in there but I was happy to eat it. My bite of eye fillet was super tender and really nicely marinated.

Spanner crab spaghettini, chili, garlic, parsley, shallots, lemon Clovelly Estate evoo $37 (main size)

Spanner crab spaghettini is a bit of a specialty at Noosa, with quite a few restaurants offering it on their menus. This wasn’t the first time I’d ordered it either, it’s my usual meal and it was delicious.

To order entree or main size was my dilemma and of course I consulted the waiter who told me to go the main size. That was just before he reviewed our order and pointed out that I’d ordered a lot of carbs. ‘Are you running a marathon tomorrow?’ he asked. I wish I could have thought of a better response but I quite insistently responded ‘I love carbs.’

Strangely for my weak heat tolerance, the pasta could have done with a little more chili. The rest of the dish was delicious. No gritty bits in the sweet crab and al dente pasta cooked to perfection.

Dessert tasting plate $37

Mr Waiter mustn’t have been too concerned about my carb over-consumption because a few minutes after he’d handed us the dessert menus to ponder he came back and confidently asked ‘so I’ll put in your order for the dessert platter to share?’

The man was a mind reader because that’s exactly what I was planning. Five minutes before our amazing platter arrived, two tables over, a couple was presented with their passionfruit souffle. I’ve never wanted to jump up and sneak a spoonful of anyone’s dessert quite so much. Every mouthful the lady took was followed by some sort of commentary ‘ooh this is good,’ ‘yum,’ ‘oh this is delicious,’ were just a few. Will got so sick of watching me drool over it he offered me $500 to sneak a bite.

I declined and sat patiently awaiting my own. It was totally worth the wait. Loaded with mini versions of the first four items on the dessert menu, the plate contained a mini bombe Alaska, a passionfruit souffle, a choc-caramel runny heart (fondant) pudding and a deconstructed apple and rhubarb crumble.

Baby bombe Alaska, mascarpone quince, pedro ximenes caramel, spiced cocoa

Four people would have been able to share this. We gave it a good go but it totally conquered us. From the silky smooth meringue on the bombe Alaska to the oozy choc-caramel filling in the pudding and the crunchy spiced crumble to the feather-light souffle, every mouthful was savoured.

Ricky’s by day (photo from the website)

Although an intimate setting at night, when Ricky’s really shines is during the day when you are treated to a gorgeous view of the Noosa river. Sunset cocktails with a few items from the tapas menu would be the perfect way to end a day.

If you want to see a few more delicious dishes from Ricky’s, Jen from Le Delicieux visited there a few weeks ago too.

What about you? Do you prefer to sit in chairs or cushy benches and do you think about things like carbs when you’re eating out?


Ricky’s is located at Noosa Wharf, 2 Quamby Place,  Noosa Heads and they are open 7 days from 12 midday until 12 midnight.





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