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for emotional & physical health
Hi I’m Claire. 

When I sat in my first ever essential oils class as a mum of 6m & 2yo boys & listened to the woman tell us she used ONLY essential oils to get through teething I thought she was full of you-know-what.

Now I’m that mum. Only it’s not just teething I use oils to support with.

It’s tummy upset, ouchies, immune challenges, women’s ‘ups & downs,’ head tension, bumps & scrapes, sleeping troubles, calming… anything we used to buy a specific product for, I now use oils.

Not only that I use them to replace my cleaning products, I DIY my skincare (quickly & easily – I have 3 kids so no time for complicated stuff), on our Frenchie Betty, in cooking, to make gifts… I could literally go on for pages.

I cannot express how incredible it feels to be able to help my kids with every day troubles & empower them to be able to do that for themselves rather than rely on something external.

Essential oils changed my life and now I am passionate about helping others. I would love to help you too.



7.30pm (AEST) Thursday, April 29

(replay available if you can’t make it live but there will be prizes for those who attend live)

Essential oils have changed my life

In this 1H session, you will learn…

3 COOL THINGS ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS – What is all the fuss about? What makes essential oil so powerful?

Why are people all around the world switching to natural solutions for health, cleaning, skincare, emotional management & more? 

3 WAYS TO USE OILS – Diffusing them to make the house smell nice is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefiting from essential oils. 

You’ll learn how to integrate them into your day & reap the rewards of these little bottles of nature. 

3 WAYS TO GET STARTED – Learn how to get started with using natural solutions in your home in a way that suits your needs & your budget. 

It’s not an essential oils class without you experienceing the oils along with me. Pop your details in below & I will post out a little sample pack so you can sniff as you learn. 

Claire Cameron, your host for the workshop, is a Nutrition & Health Coach & Mum of 3. She is the owner of Claire K Creations where she teaches mums and women to live more natural, simple lives, for better health & a happier planet.

She also shares her simple, delicious, easy whole food, family-friendly recipes.

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7.30pm (AEST) Thursday, April 29

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