View from the top

We’ve only been home from New York for a little over three weeks but it seems like forever ago. This usually happens when you get back from holidays and back into the daily grind but moving house seems to have stretched it out even further (is it holiday time again yet?).

This is a little bit of a tour of what we did and what I’d say you have to do should you visit. We got a great tip to ditch going up the Empire State Building and instead go to Top of the Rock. It has a much better, 360 degree view of the city and there isn’t too much of a queue. We pre-booked some tickets online (just Google New York attractions – buy tickets online to see the options).

It is truly amazing just how big the city is. I think you could be there for years and not get to every corner.

Big red bus

We tend to steer clear of the really touristy things like the sight seeing bus. These people were especially keen out on the open-top bus in the rain and freezing cold. I’m not kidding – I had quite a large portion of my suitcase contents on and we were on the hunt for a jumper to warm me up when we passed these brave people.

A night at the theatre

Of course a trip to New York isn’t complete without catching a Broadway show. We chose Matilda on recommendations of a family friend and loved it. Even in our terrible seats down the back it was fantastic. Charlie later told me that the screen play was written by an Aussie. Well done Aussie!

Doggy tshirt

Forget people watching, we had quite a bit of fun dog watching. In fact one afternoon we sat in Madison Square Park for nearly an hour admiring all the dogs which probably didn’t help my case against getting a dog… it just convinced Will even more! If you’re a Sex and the City fan you might remember the scene where Charlotte’s dog Elizabeth Taylor gets ‘roughed up’ in the dog park? That’s the park.

Pink dog

This one was probably my favourite – pretty in pink in a fake Louis Vuitton bag. Does it get more NY?

Hanging with my lizard

Just when you thought it couldn’t get stranger we spotted this guy chilling in the park with his lizard by his side sunning himself.

Dog walkers

The dog walkers fascinated me too. I still can’t believe that so many dogs can just stroll along together so happily.


Being a mad Seinfeld fan, Will booked us on the tour as soon as he discovered there was such a thing. Even I, not a Seinfeld fan, quite enjoyed the tour. We were a bit disappointed that the show was filmed in LA so there were just a few actual sites to see. The rest of the tour was more of a background of the show and how certain episodes were inspired.

Funnily enough most of them were actually true stories with a little embellishment. It shut me right up because the reason I claim not to like the show is that it’s so unrealistic!

Cupcakes on Sex and the City tour

We had to balance that out with a Sex and the City tour right? I loved it. We went all around New York spotting sites where different episodes were shot including the ‘your girl is lovely Hubble’ moment between Carrie and Big and got to pop into the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was held in the first movie.

There were cosmos at Scout’s bar (I can’t remember what it’s actually called) and of course there were cupcakes in the East Village (or was it the West Village?). There was a Magnolia Bakery a block away from where our guide handed out our cupcakes so I assumed they were from there but no, oh no, these were a new level of cupcake heaven.

Back for more cupcakes

I couldn’t stop thinking about them and on the second last day, dragged Will to the Chelsea Market to find Eleni’s and have one last cupcake. I did try a red velvet from Crumbs a few days before but it was not great. I found it really heavy and sweet and left me feeling rather ill.

Look at that frosting

Perhaps one of the reasons I love the Eleni’s cake was the cake to frosting ratio? It looks unbelievably rich and sweet but the cupcake was light and fluffy and the icing just the right amount of richness and sweetness.

Walk the Highline

New York City Council has done some pretty cool things to the city like converting an old railway line into a park/walkway about 3 stories above the road. We had a lovely little stroll to lunch one day through the greenery of The Highline which was a nice change from walking the streets.

Meeting Mother Thyme

I loved a lot about New York but definitely one of the highlights was meeting one of my American blogging buddies Jenn aka Mother Thyme. She just happened to be in New York for one night for a conference and the day after, on our last day we met up for 10 minutes while both doing the tourist thing down town. Do we look a little excited to see each other?

I only have a handful of American blogging friends so I was oh so very excited to be able to meet Jenn. I only wish we’d had more time to catch up, although we did manage to squeeze quite a few words into those 10 minutes. It was so lovely to meet you!

Of course we did a whole lot more than that but that’s just a little overview for you. If you’re going to New York and have any questions just ask, I’d be happy to try to help.