Ms G’s

I fist read about Ms. G’s on Not Quite Nigella and have been eager to try it since. When Kristin suggested we dine there last Sunday night I jumped at the chance. It’s a rather trendy/retro looking place set over four levels in Potts Point and has been open a few months. They don’t take reservations so it’s best to get there early. Our initial experience wasn’t fantastic but it did improve. When mum and I arrived at 6.30 (we’d been up since 5am for our 6.30am flight to Sydney) and asked for a table for four we were told that they only seat full tables. We weren’t sure what that meant but then caught on that they wouldn’t seat us until everyone was there. After much debate and another waiter being brought in, we were finally given a table. Apparently they like to you sit at the bar until everyone is there.


I don’t think I totally agree with this… my mum’s not Asian!

Grilled calamari, bacon chilli jam, potato & lettuce hearts $14

We managed to try quite a large selection from the menu between the four of us. A day of wedding dress shopping can work up quite an appetite. The calamari was nicely cooked and flavoured. We assumed that the little squares were tofu so were pleasantly surprised to discover they were in fact little pieces of potato.

Prawn toast, yuzu aioli, herbs $14

The prawn toasts were my favourite menu item. They were crispy, tasty and fresh. I could have had a whole meal of these.

Ms G’s grilled corn on the cob, parmesan, lime (v) $4ea

I have never thought to drown corn in parmesan and lime but it is now my new favourite way to eat it. It’s not a meal to have on a date though – it’s a bit messy to eat.

Egg noodles with XO sauce, braised duck, soft poached egg $18

Our first main was the egg noodles with duck. I chose this one after reading about it on Not Quite Nigella and was glad I did. It’s served with a very soft poached egg that you stir through the pasta to coat it. It’s quite a rich dish but very satisfying.

QLD spanner crab meat, dashi custard, broccolini, vegetable nage $24

Dashi custard is another thing I’d never had before. I actually only learned what dashi was when cooking up for Cookbook Club earlier in the year. It was a silky smooth custard with a slight soy sauce taste and fresh Queensland crab.

Nigel’s famous wok fried lamb noodles $18

Fat flat noodles are my favourite Asian noodles so I loved this dish. See the little chunks sprinkled on the top? They really made it. So tasty they were we were positive they must be some sort of crackling but they were actually fried bread crumbs.

Grilled king prawns with “Sambal Matah” eschallot, lime & chilli relish $28

The prawns were sweet and juicy and nicely cooked but wrapping them in a lettuce leaf didn’t seem to really go. I think they would have been better just on their own with a dipping sauce.

“Stoner’s Delight” doughnut ice cream, chocolate, rice bubble, pretzel, peanut brittle, marshmallow $12

Onto the dessert. Yes we were big pigs. The Stoner’s Delight was fantastic. They really managed to capture the flavour of doughnut in the icecream and all the different elements worked so nicely together although it was a bit tricky to fit it all in one mouthful.

“Ice Cream Sandwich” vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownie, blueberry $12

My favourite was the Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s one to share but it was so rich and fabulously chocolatey but well balanced by the ice cream and sugary coating on top. I must admit I couldn’t really taste the blueberries.

Pandan chiffon cake, strawberries, coconut sorbet $12

I first tasted panadan in Malaysia and loved its subtle flavour not to mention gorgeous colour. The chiffon cake was light and soft and well complimented by the strawberries and sorbet. A little bit more crunch (I learned that from Masterchef) would have perfected it.

Silver Jasmine Suzhou, China $4

I loved the cute little teapot my tea came in. Very shabby chic meets 70s vintage.

Ms. G’s

I really enjoyed dinner at Ms G’s. It’s a casual style of restaurant and great for bigger groups and sharing food. Be sure to save room for dessert.

Ms. G’s is located at 155 Victoria Street, Potts Point.

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