Paddington tea

I don’t wish to alarm you but there are less than 50 sleeps until Christmas. Can you believe it? It is also time for my second last In My Kitchen post for 2014 so I will get straight to it.

In my kitchen is a beautiful and seriously good smelling lemongrass and green tea hand-poured, natural soy candle and some fancy organic peppermint tea bags from Paddington Tea (gifted). You know how I love a fancy tea bag – it makes a cup of tea extra special I think. Their teas and candles a beautifully packaged and would make a rather nice Christmas gift.

Pic's peanut butter

I my kitchen are two jars of the best peanut butter I’ve ever tasted (gifted). I discovered Pic’s at the Good Food and Wine Show last year and promised Ollie he would get to try some this year. We got a jar each and are both powering through our existing jars so we can get into these.

Forage Bircher Muesli

In my kitchen is a 1kg bag of Bircher Muesli from Forage (gifted). All Forage cereals are made from the best quality, natural ingredients they can find and they’re all Paleo. I was pretty impressed with the amount of goodness packed in. No cheap fillers in sight.

Kale powder

In my kitchen is homemade kale powder. I sprinkle this in Ollie’s food for a little health boost.

Beetroot powder

In my kitchen is some homemade beetroot powder. After making the kale powder I thought I’d experiment with other veges too. I used this to make some beetroot wraps (recipe coming soon) and I’m experimenting with making a whole rainbow of powders.

Change the way you eat

In my kitchen is a new book ‘Change the Way you Eat’ by Leanne Cooper (gifted). It’s basically, all about the psychology of eating and how food has become less about nourishment and more about something to control and do battle with. It teaches how to get away from that thinking.

Now I’m already in the food as nourishment camp but I’m really interested in reading about how other’s view it. I’ll admit I haven’t gotten far into this yet but I’m taking a little coastal trip next week and it’s coming with me.

Junk shop styling finds

In my kitchen are some junk shop styling finds. I was a bit too excited about these I will admit and have an idea for the board already. I’m still thinking of something for the chalk boards.

Garage sale finds

In my kitchen are a few more styling goodies picked up at my friend’s garage sale for a steal. Literally a steal, she told me to take them. You might have spotted the knife in my Crusty Italian Bread photo earlier in the week. Thanks L!

Pretty straws

In my kitchen is a collection of paper straws. I use them for my smoothies every morning and every time I pop into the junk shop I grab a new box. Now I’ve started keeping three from each box for photos. This is my favourite range so far. Pastels are so pretty.


What about you? What’s in your kitchen?

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