My kitchen this month is resplendent with beautiful blooms from my friend The Doctor’s wedding. I will share some photos of the magnificent long tables with vase after vase of a rainbow of colourful flowers.


In my kitchen is a little vase of lavender also from The Doctor’s wedding. Each place setting had a little sprig of lavender attached to it. Seeing as we were two of the last to leave, I may have taken a little walk down the table and collected all the left over pieces of lavender. It smells so beautiful.


In my kitchen was a little bit of wedding cake. It was seriously good chocolate mud cake filled with salted caramel buttercream. I must recreate it asap.


In my kitchen are a selection of mumma bubba breakfasts. I am very very lucky to have a bubba who sleeps in until a reasonable hour and every morning after his bottle we have breakfast together. Mine is always a smoothie of some variation and his is usually a combo of fruit, porridge and yoghurt but he has been tasting my smoothie the last couple of days. I see his and hers smoothies in the future.


In my kitchen is an insane amount of fruit an vege. This is now what we go through in a fortnight. I had to increase our fortnightly delivery to a large box from the medium.


On Saturday it was prep time for Ollie’s freezer stash. This kid eats way more veges that his mum and dad do.


In my kitchen is a stash of frozen fruit and vege as well as a few pureed versions of our dinners. I try to make all of Ollie’s meals myself but that’s not to say he doesn’t have the odd packet meal. This was my prep work for my day at Problogger a couple of weeks ago.


In my kitchen are some antique copper pots from my grandma. She said they used to make crepe Suzette at the table for dinner parties in the top pot. What should I make in them?


In my kitchen is a new jar of Vegemite. Growing up it was always a treat to be the first at a new jar because it meant you got to draw in it. I was always very creative with my smiley face.


In my kitchen is a set of Thermomix utensils. When I was given them (gift with my Thermomix) the lady told me the knives were unbelievably sharp. She wasn’t wrong. They’re the best knives ever but somewhere in my kitchen one of them is hiding. I have searched high and low and I can’t find it anywhere. I so hope it turns up.

What about you? What’s in your kitchen? Anything that should be in your kitchen that inexplicably isn’t?

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