You might want to grab a cup of tea and come back because there is a lot going on in my kitchen this month. If you’re new, In My Kitchen is a collection of bloggers around the world who give a peek into their kitchen each month. It’s organised by the lovely Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial so pop over there if you’re nosy like me and have a poke around in some other kitchens.

In my kitchen is my first harvest of homegrown strawberries. I wish I could give you some tips to maximise your harvest but I haven’t done much to my plants and they are doing really well. They’re not as sweet as I’d like though. Apparently the soil needs to be sandier and more acidic.


In my kitchen is a lovely assortment of fresh in-season asparagus (gifted). I steamed it all up and pureed it for Ollie and he loved it. I probably should have gotten creative but I am trying to give him as big a variety of food as possible so this was perfect.


In my kitchen is an assortment of goodies from the sponsors of Eat Drink Blog a food bloggers’ conference I went to a few weeks ago. Roza’s Gourmet Sauces (gifted) are seriously delicious if you’ve never tried them. I love their pestos made using fresh, hand-picked basil leaves. I can’t wait to try these. The mustard is screaming ham at me. Will it last until the 1st of December for tree/ham day?


In my kitchen is a tube of Queen vanilla bean paste (gifted). I use this stuff all the time with my recipe creation for them but this new tube is great cause it has a little valve so you don’t waste any. Plus, I go through the stuff so quickly it’s good to have a bigger size.


The final delicious item in my goodie bag from Eat Drink Blog – a box of chocolates from Passiontree Velvet. Will and I devoured the box in one sitting. They were good. Really good.


In my kitchen is strawberry jam and lots of it (15 jars!). Our local IGA had strawberries for $3 a kilo last week so I bought up big and got preserving.


In my kitchen is a selection of Australian Wild spices. I am still brainstorming a dessert to use the wattle seed in. I am thinking something lemony.


Next up in my kitchen I have a very exciting array of pressies Mum and Dad brought home from their 7 week trip to Europe last week. The first item is this limoncello tea towel with recipe in English and Italian. I have quite a stash of homegrown lemons in the fridge so as soon as I track down some jars I will get fermenting.


It my kitchen is a selection of Turkish spices. The one I’m most excited about is the meatball spice. Mmm Turkish meatballs.


In my kitchen is something I’ve never seen before – pomegranate sauce. What should I use it on? Could be good on meat or in a fresh spring salad.


In my kitchen is a jar of poivron jaune which translates to yellow pepper sauce I’m thinking chicken, definitely chicken will go nicely with this.


In my kitchen are two treats that will be perfect for my home-grown tomatoes when they ripen – bruschetta spices and oil all the way from Italy.


In my kitchen is, ok was, a jar of wild boar sauce also all the way from Italy. I cooked up a tin of crushed tomatoes with this jar and served it on spaghetti. It transported us straight back to Tuscany five years ago.


In my kitchen is a selection of teas Mum brought me back because she liked the packaging. I am loving them all but the relax is my favourite.


In my kitchen is a selection of truffles – truffle oil, truffle salt and truffles – another all the way from Italy. I am going to have to think of an extra special way to use these. Any ideas?


In my kitchen is a bread basket and bread bag from San Gimignano in Tuscany. When Will and I were driving through Italy a few years ago, our sat-nav called it san-jim-ig-nanno and that’s what we’ve called it ever since. This will be a much nicer way to transport my home-baked bread than wrapping it in a tea towel.


In my kitchen is a tub of salted caramel sauce. I may have already used this in two recipes (coming soon) but there is a little bit left. I might just eat it straight from the tub. Would that be acceptable?


I saved the best for last…In my kitchen was a box of macarons all the way from Paris. These lasted all of 4 days. I can’t believe I ate so many macarons but they were just so good. The first macaron I ever had was a chocolate one from Laduree on the Champs Elysees five years ago and I still remember how good it was.

Mum pointed out that you can get them in Sydney but to me they’re just not the same. Mum brought them for me in this cute little cooler bag which is perfect for transporting Ollie’s food.

Did you make it to the end? Sorry I didn’t share the macarons with you!