I missed last month’s In My Kitchen post. It was either I forgot or I didn’t have much to share. I can’t remember which it was so let’s say I forgot. Anyway, things are really heating up in my kitchen because my little man has just started eating. In my kitchen there is a packet of organic rice cereal. He loves it. If you take it away when he hasn’t finished he loses it – mega tanty and my little guy is very placid.

We tried pear yesterday and he lapped that up too. I’m so glad he’s a good eater. As you can imagine, I can’t wait to start cooking for him.


In my kitchen are cumquats, lots of cumquats. I’m thinking of making them into a jam but I might do some Googling first. I’m wondering if I could convert a whole orange cake recipe for cumquats.


In my kitchen is a beautiful flower that Ollie gave me for Mother’s Day. I need to get it a pretty pot. Doesn’t it have the most intricate flowers? It’s like a flower growing out of a flower growing out of a flower. IMG_2884

In my kitchen is homemade muesli. I make up a batch of this nearly every week. It’s loosely based on my macadamia muesli recipe but now I just start with a big bowl of oats, add any nuts and seeds I have, sprinkle in some cinnamon then add a bit of apple juice and bake it until golden. So delicious and very healthy if you get decent apple juice not the 99% sugar variety.


In my kitchen are some little blooms. I always try to have fresh flowers on the window sill to brighten my day. The two yellow ones were the last of the flowers from my Mother’s Day bunch but the one in the middle is picked from my garden. I was very excited to see the tree start to flower a couple of weeks ago. Its blooms last at least a week in stem vases.


In my kitchen are Turkish crackers ready for easy entertaining. We had Turkish bread sandwiches one day and a couple of days later the rest of the bread was still sitting on the bench. I sliced it finely then cooked it in the sandwich pressed and sealed it in a cryovac bag ready to be used for dips and cheese. No waste in this house.


In my kitchen is a branch of a chili plant. My friend’s son has masses of chili bushes growing around his garden and I’m going to try and do the same in some parts of our garden that are really just overrun with weeds. Wouldn’t it be pretty?

I really should introduce my family friend. We’ll call her Ma. She used to look after us when we were little and has been part of the family since I was 5. Now she is like a third grandma to Ollie and he loves her. They have lots of fun playing together every week. He is one spoilt little man.


In my kitchen is a cake disaster. This was my first recipe for this month’s secret recipe club post. It was a vegan chocolate cake aka tasteless mess. I cooked it way longer than the recipe and it was moosh and not even tasty moosh. Back to the drawing board there.


In my kitchen is a new tea that one of my mother’s group friends put me on to. I love it but it’s not a cheap treat at about $7.50 a box. It’s worth it though.


In my kitchen are more chilis. These ones are from our garden. I’m sure next month there will be even more. I’ve relocated some of Will’s plants into the new beds and they’re thriving. Hopefully I have lots of homegrown goodies to show off next month.

What about you, what’s in your kitchen? Don’t forget to pop over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to take a peek in other bloggers’ kitchens. If you’re nosy like me you’ll love it!