The painted cake

In my kitchen is a copy of Natasha Collins’ The Painted Cake (gifted). This book is beautiful and the instructions appear so reasonable that I feel like I could probably have a go at quite a few of the designs. I wont be creating the cover cake any time soon but expect at least some painted biscuits in the near future.

Sourdough starter

In my kitchen is (actually was) a whole lot of dried out Kevin Junior the sourdough starter ready to be posted out to some Facebook fans who were keen to give sourdough baking a go. I cannot wait to see their first loaves. If I could convince just one person to make their own bread instead of buying it I’d be happy. So far I’ve seen two photos of first loaves and I am thrilled!

Organic cereal

In my kitchen is a whole lot of organic cereal for Ollie. There’s puffed corn and brown rice at the back and in front a combo of kamut, corn, something I can’t remember the name of and quinoa. The puffed corn is nearly empty because he loves it so much he eats it as a snack. I’m all about finding easy, quick, healthy breakfasts for him at the moment. The dry cereal also keeps him quiet while I’m making breakfast.

Cake tins

In my kitchen is a collection of enormous round cake tins that Mum and Dad gave me for Christmas. I left my hand in there to show you the size. What do you think I should christen them with?

Ollie's plates

In my kitchen is an ever multiplying set of kids cutlery and crockery. Not to pick favourites but I had a bowl just like the bottom right one when I was little and I love it. He is slowly learning to use a spoon. By that I mean he will get maybe one or two mouthfuls in then the spoon becomes a toy and he eats with his hands.

Melamine plate

In my kitchen is a beautiful and also giant platter. This was another gift from Mum. Would you believe it’s actually melamine. In real life it has a bumpy appearance and until you actually pick it up it looks just like ceramic. It’s from Wheel and Barrow.

I also forgot to photograph the beautiful bowl my sister and her man got me for Christmas. It has a Moroccan print and I love it. It only occurred to me last year that I don’t really have many serving bowls other than giant, deep salad bowls. I need to build the collection I think although Will would disagree I’m sure.

Teepee learning

Finally, in my kitchen is a set of health-food related flash cards, a Birthday present of Ollie’s from his friend J son of the Nutritionist. They’re from Teepee Learning and each one features some facts about the fruit/vege, a bit about their nutritional value and a recipe. They’re such a wonderful idea.

What about you? What’s in your kitchen this month? If you want to be nosy and peek around some other kitchens, head over to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for a list of everyone participating.