In my kitchen this month there are a few goodies starting with this delicious soup from Pitango (gifted). I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting much from a packet soup but this organic goodness was packed with flavour. My only complaint is that it wasn’t quite big enough for me for lunch and I had to have a snack afterwards.


In my kitchen is a delicious kale and basil pesto made for my by my lovely friend The Natropath. It is seriously good. So far I have had it on plain pasta, mixed it in some focaccia, added it to sauce for pizza and made a salad using it. There’s just a little bit left. IMG_4705

In my kitchen is our new fridge. I know I mentioned it last week but I thought it needed a little extra explanation. I have been dreaming of my own double door fridge since I move out of home 5 years ago and we finally did it. After a few weeks of measuring, researching, measuring and a little DIYing it was in.

We had to remove the doors from the top cupboards because this guy literally has only a few millimetres to spare. The fridge is the LG 661L door-in-door fridge/freezer. The right hand side is a full fridge but the top part has an extra section in the door so you can open a small section to access your most-used items without opening the whole fridge. I love it.

The freezer has an ice-maker and a full freezer which I haven’t quite filled yet. I know it’s a ridiculous thing to say but I am loving not having to fill the ice cube tray.


In my kitchen is my favourite tea of the moment discovered at Woolworths. It’s the perfect cup for bed time but I have also enjoyed it mid-morning.


In my kitchen is possibly the most exciting thing besides the fridge… my thermomix. Yes I did it. Yes I love it. Now don’t worry, the blog won’t turn thermomix. The only time you’ll see it here is when I’m using it as a food processor. I am more using it for making the day to day stuff easier. So far I am loving the steamer. It makes amazing rice and I did a delicious risotto on Friday night.


In my kitchen are four little lidded dishes I could not resist. They were just $2.30 each and were too cute to pass. I am picturing little pies or individual fruit crumbles before the weather warms up.


In my kitchen are two new plates for the styling collection. I picked these up from Freedom for $2 each. Another bargain I couldn’t resist.


In my kitchen are more feeding goodies for Ollie. These bibs are meant to save food from going everywhere. I’m not finding them great for purees – they seem to smoosh the food all the way round to the back of his neck somehow but they’ll be great once he starts feeding himself better. The little pots are for freezing individual servings.


In my kitchen are more feeding goodies. These things are fantastic. The Qubies re-usable pouches are just like those baby food pouches you buy but you fill them with homemade food for eating on the go. You’re meant to squirt it into a bowl but Ollie likes to suck it out of the pouch (yes I know it’s bad – he doesn’t do it all the time!).

The other Qubies item is their ice-cube trays which are fantastic. You place whatever you want to freeze into the tray and then the lid divides it up. They have been great for purees and when he’s done with purees, I can see them being fantastic for all sorts of things like oils and leftover sauces etc.


Finally, in my kitchen is more bokchoi. It is growing like a weed! I don’t think I will ever tire of the excitement of eating something fresh from my garden. It’s such a treat!

That’s about it from me this month. What’s happening in your kitchen?

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