Fiji chopsticks

In my kitchen is  set of new chopsticks from mum and dad’s recent visit to Fiji. We grew up using chopsticks so I’m quite the pro. For one assessment at uni we had to teach a skill and I taught the class how to eat m&ms with chopsticks.

New Lindt chocolate selection

In my kitchen is a selection of new flavours of Lindt chocolate (courtesy of Lindt). Will and I sampled them all last weekend. His favourite was the passionfruit and I preferred the sea salt. They’re not kidding about the ‘intense’ flavours. I think if you blindfolded me I could easily pick the flavours.

Ambarella Kuchla

In my kitchen is a jar of Ambarella kuchla that mum brought be back from Fiji. Her words ‘I have no idea what it is but it looks interesting.’ Ambarella, according to Google, is a fruit somewhere between an apple and a mango and judging by the ingredients listed on the label, this is some sort of chutney. It should be quite delicious.

Capilano organic honey

In my kitchen is a bottle of organic honey sent to me from Capilano. The logistics of creating an organic honey are just way too complicated for me to even think about. Everything within a 5km radius of the hive has to be pesticide free so you can imagine the amount of work that goes into producing it. I was very excited to get the little honey stick (what’s it called??). I’ve always wanted one.

Good curry powder

In my kitchen is a bag of curry powder, another present from mum and dad’s Fiji trip. ‘This make very good curry,’ according to the lady who sold it to mum. I’m not sure whether to go for a tomato or coconut milk base for it but I’m leaning towards coconut milk.

Fiji vanilla

In my kitchen is some south sea island vanilla. I have a rather delicious looking biscuit recipe I’ve been saving for whole pods but I’m torn between making those and homemade vanilla essence. Oh the decisions.

What about you? What’s happening in your kitchen this month?

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