Babybert cheese

It seems like only yesterday that I wrote last month’s ‘In my kitchen’ post but another month has passed and it is again time to give you a peek into my kitchen. Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial started this tradition. I love reading about what’s going on in her kitchen every month. The first item in my kitchen this month is this very cute little wheel of cheese I bought on the weekend. I didn’t even read what it was…when I saw the name ‘Babybert’ I had to have it.

Kitchenaid pasta roller attachment

We received a whole lot of wonderful engagement gifts from our lovely family and friends. A group of our friends gave us a voucher to Wheel and Barrow and one of the things we (ok mostly I) used it for was the pasta roller/cutter attachment for my Kitchenaid mixer. We bought it a week ago and I’ve already made pasta twice. It is oh-so-good and I will share my creations soon.

Generations of Bush Cooking, Hints, Tips and Remedies

My grandma gave me this book last week. It has some fabulous recipes with great tips, hints and tricks from the bush. There are even some home remedies and helpful garden tidbits. I can’t wait to give some of the recipes a go but I think I’ll steer clear of the possum and wild kangaroo ones.

Lush Indian butter chicken curry paste

I have tried another type of Lush curry paste previously and loved it but then forgot about them when I didn’t see them around. On the weekend I spotted them for sale and picked up the butter chicken paste to try. Lush curry pastes are all natural and gluten free and you can use them as a marinade.

Porcini powder

The last item in my kitchen this month is this powdered gold – porcini powder. I haven’t used it yet because I’ve been waiting for the best recipe for it but now I have the pasta roller I think a porcini fettuccine would be perfect (and not just because it rhymes). I’ll be sure to report on how it turns out. The wooden block in the background is another new item in the Claire K Creation kitchen – purchased with our gift card. It’s already featured in quite a few photos. I love it!

That wraps up my kitchen tour for October. What’s going on in your kitchen this month?