Pumpkin pie

It’s that time of the month again – In My Kitchen time. As you would have read in previous posts, this little peek into the kitchen was started by Celia over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and I’ve been posting my monthly updates for a little while now.

The first item in my kitchen this month (today actually) is my very first pumpkin pie (recipe coming soon). I’m hosing a Thanksgiving dinner tonight and according to my American chiropractor ‘it aint Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.’ Yes I know it’s not actually Thanksgiving but seeing as I’m not actually American I’m inventing my own Australian version. Plus it means I get to share all my recipes before the real Thanksgiving for anyone who wants to give them a go on the 24th of November.

Homemade napkins

In my kitchen is a basket full of brand new napkins… that I made myself! We use real napkins every night (cause I hate waste) so thought it was time to have some pretty ones. They live in this little basket on the kitchen bench.

Measuring spoon

In my kitchen is  a new measuring spoon. Previously I just guesstimated teaspoons and portions of from my everyday spoons. Maybe my baking will improve now that I’m more accurate.

Apple and cinnamon candle

In my kitchen is an apple and cinnamon candle that I bought the other day. It was $5 which was quite a splurge for cheapo me but I have gotten that much value out of it already. It smells heavenly.

Home made cookie stamp

This has actually been in my kitchen since last month but I forgot to add it. I have had this stamp saved on Peter’s of Kensington for ages waiting for it to come into stock but found it in Sydney when I was down there in September with my mum. Thanks mum!

That wraps up my kitchen tour for November. Wish me luck cooking my first ever whole turkey. What about you, what’s going on in your kitchen this month?